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CA BI T-77 · Item · 1969
Part of Sound and Moving Image Collection

Item is an audio recording of Gaelic bard Angus R. Macdonald, of French Road N.S. Recording includes a number of humorous stories and songs composed by MacDonald as well as a performance of his popular song 'The Mountain' (Smeorach Chlann Domhnuill)

Day, Hilda
Annie MacLean - Gaelic Songs
CA BI T-122 · Item · 1969
Part of Sound and Moving Image Collection

Item consists of an audio recording of Annie (Mrs. J.P) MacLean of Rear Christmas Island, (N.S) singing a number of Gaelic songs. Recorded by Sister Margaret Beaton and Hilda Day.

Mrs. J.P. MacLean, Christmas Island (Rear):

"Mise tha fo Mhulad air Tulaich gun Uaill" Song about a difficult winter composed by Catriona MacNeil (Catrìona Iain Ruaidh).

"Why did she compose this song?" She had to do so many difficult tasks in the winter.

Song about finding a rich man to marry; composed by Catherine MacNeil (Catrìona Iain Ruaidh).

Stories about Catrìona Bean Ruaidh. She lived further inland than Jack Pheadair (informant's husband)'s uncle, Ruairidh Chaluim Ghobha MacLean. Ruairidh lived at the foot of Eskasoni Mountain where Rory S. MacNeil lives.

Forerunner portending the death of the bard.

Bard's father was married to Christie Alasdair Chaluim Ghobha "The Big Widow".

Song about working at the the Steel plant in North Sydney by Archie "Larry" Gillis, originally from Rear Beaver Cove.

Day, Hilda
CA BI T-162 · Item · 1970
Part of Sound and Moving Image Collection

First Cape Breton Gaelic Society concert:

Opening remarks by John Dan MacNeil, Sydney (Speech)
Biographical sketch of Donnachadh Ban MacIntyre by Hugh F. MacKenzie
"Togaibh i, togaibh canan ar duthcha" by Donald Gordon, Truro.
Bagpipe selections by J. MacPherson and Buddy MacNeil
Violin selections by Winston Fitzgerald; piano accompaniment by Mary MacLean Gillis.
Highland Fling by Pottie Highland Dancers; music by Dannie MacIntyre.
"Ho ro mo chuid chudeachd thu" by Mrs. Tando MacIsaac, Antigonish.
Piano selections by Doug MacPhee
Violin selections by Rev. Francis Cameron; piano accompaniment by Doug MacPhee.
"An t-alltan dubh..." by Lauchie Gillis (Hunting song)
"O Luaidh" by Lauchie Gillis (Love song)
Bagpipes selections by Cecilia Campbell; piano accompaniment by Marie MacLellan.
"Mo nighean Dubh" by the Boisdale Singers (Love song)
Vioin selections by Winnie Chafe; piano accompaniment by Doug MacPhee.
Violin selections by Paddy LeBlanc; piano accompaniment by Margaret MacPhee.
Violin selections - playing for Boisdale Dancers by Father Francis Cameron. (Strathspey & reel)
"Dhealaich mis' a nochd ri m' leannan" by Donald Gordon. (Love song)
Scottish song by Donald Gordon and Mrs. Tando MacIsaac.
Violin selections by John Willie Campbell: march, strathspey and reels; piano accompaniment by Mary Gillis.
"'S toigh leam cruineag donn nam bo" by the Loch Lomond Singers. (Milling song)
Piano selections by Mary Gillis, North Sydney.

Day, Hilda
CA BI T-295 · Item · 1971
Part of Sound and Moving Image Collection

Item is an interview with Annabelle MacKinnon concerning genealogical history of Gillis Lake and surrounding areas. Gives examples of place names and familial names in Gaelic. Includes verses of various Gaelic songs. Mrs MacKinnon was 93 years old at the time of recording.

MacKinnon, Florence Alexandra St., Sydney (N.S.), Nova Scotia

Gillis, Joseph A. - Autobiographical sketch (Very brief)

MacKinnon, Florence - Local supernatural tales

MacKinnon, Mr. (Florence MacKinnon's son) -Soldier on the black horse

MacKinnon, Florence - The Ball Family of Balls Creek, N.S.
Gaelic song fragment composed about the Balls

Gillis, Joseph A. - Story "Clach nam Brog"

MacKinnon, Florence - Settler clothing styles

MacKinnon, Florence; Gillis, Joseph A. - Conversation re early settlers to Cape Breton.
The "Gardiner" MacDonald settlers of South Uist

MacKinnon, Florence - Oran na Teine (Lauchlin Currie)

MacKinnon, Florence; Gillis, Joseph A. - Conversation (continued)

MacKinnon, Florence - Schools in Gillis Lake

MacKinnon, Florence - Sea Wolf MacLean

MacKinnon, Florence - Dutch Princess married a MacLean

MacKinnon, Florence - Family history
Settlers walked Arasaig to Halifax for confession

Gillis, Joseph - Fairy story (Piper Macintyres and the Fairy hill)

MacKinnon, Florence - Witch story

MacKinnon, Florence - Haunted house story

Gillis, Joseph A. - Campbell's iron violin bow

Day, Hilda
CA BI T-149 · Item · 1970
Part of Sound and Moving Image Collection

Item is an audio recording of the mass for Father MacDonald, February 3, 1970, Big Pond, the evening before the funeral.

The celebrant for the Mass is Rev. J.H. MacGregor.
The Homily is done by Rev. A.J. MacLeod.
Singing by Loch Lomond Gaelic Choir.
Outstanding in perfections - melodious and soothing. Live on Loch Lomond Choir! Suas leis a' Ghaidhlig aus ur Luchd-Ciuil.
Packed Church - remains piped from Glebe to Church by Pipe Major MacIntyre.
Coffin was draped in Clan Ronald Tartan (loaned by Dr. F.B. MacDonald, Sydney).
Heather was entwined in the tartan.

Day, Hilda
CA BI T-681 · Item · April, 27. 1973
Part of Sound and Moving Image Collection

Item is an audio recording of the Gaelic Society annual Scottish Concert, "Oidhche Leis na Baird", Sydney Academy, April 27, 1973

New Waterford Gaelic Chorus - Illean o eilean Illean i

New Waterford Gaelic Chorus - A mhairi dhubh

Chisholm, Cameron - Violin selections

Xavier Children's Gaelic Chorus - Posadh Piuthair Iain Bhain

Xavier Children's Gaelic Chorus - Puirt-a-Beul

Xavier Children's Gaelic Chorus - O nach till thu ruinn a ris...

Mabou Dancers - Dancing of eight-hand reel

Chisholm, Archie Neil - Brief talk on Margaree Chapter of Gaelic Society

Southwest Margaree Gaelic Chorus -na Cnuic 's na Glinn

Southwest Margaree Gaelic Chorus - Morag o' Dunbheagan

Chafe, Mrs. Winnie - Violin selections

Chafe, Mrs. Winnie - Violin selections

Xavier Children's Gaelic Chorus - Gaelic play

Campbell, Jamie - Bagpipe selections

Scotsville Gaelic Chorus - A' Chuthag

Scotsville Gaelic Chorus - Two Gaelic songs

MacDougall, Mike - Violin selections

MacDougall, Mike - Violin selections

MacMaster, Minnie - Stepdancing

MacDonnell, George - Bagpipe selections

Boisdale Junior Gaelic Singers - Ho ro mo nighean donn bhoidheach...

Cameron, Mae - Mo Mhathair

Day, Hilda
CA BI T-195 · Item · 1970
Part of Sound and Moving Image Collection

Mr. Joe Allan MacLean was interviewed at his home.
MacLean's origin story of "Duan na Ceardaich". The "boss" in a forge threatens to fire all employees if a "duan" is not composed for him.

"Duan na Ceardaich"

Sgeulachd - Fletcher and the Ghost. A man sets out to seek his fortune in England. He ends up in the employ of a nobleman trying to determine who is haunting his house. It is his dead daughter who desires to have her wrongly-convicted love freed from prison. See T-409

Day, Hilda