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Archival description
Item · [before 1984]
Part of Sarah Denny Cultural Collection

This record features interviewee, Michael Paul, and interviewer, Sarah Denny, listening to people dancing and singing traditional Mi’kmaq chants/dances. Michael Paul shares stories about his life, other people's lives whom he knew, and traditional songs and dances.

Part A:
0:00-17:49- I’ko- Neskawet- Chief comes out the Wikwam dancing, yelling (and others) “AH HEY”, during the dance. The person who is singing may come out dancing too, others can follow him. He doesn’t know if each community danced differently, but he knew his father and grandfather danced. They spoke in length (Sarah Denny and Michael Paul) about people and where they came from.
17:49-18:59- Neskawiteskimk (old L’nu song)
19:00-20:26- Ko’jua (These Ko’jua songs were sung at potlotek (dance circle))
20:29-21:14- Ko’jua
21:20-22:49- Ko’jua. He doesn't sing them much anymore, he doesn’t practice the songs.
22:50-31:40- He speaks about his life and others that he knew.

Part B:
0:00-6:06- Michael Paul speaks more about his elders and stories such as Pestie’wa’lujik, certain names they would celebrate, for example people named Steven, Louis, John, Michael etc. They would eat, feast, rabbit, potatoes, corn, big pot, make a soup.
6:07-7:43- Marriage Song “E’pite’s”
7:44-11:17- Sarah Denny asking if he knew more old songs, he says he’s shy and scared to make a mistake on the songs while being recorded.
11:18-11:59- Our Father in Mi’kmaw
12:00-12:20: Hail Mary in Mi’kmaw
12:21-20:18- He talks about reading and writing prayers written in hieroglyphics. He explains there were teachers who taught the old prayers, there isn’t too many left that teach old prayers.