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            Am Bruadaraiche
            CA BI G136 · Item · 1980

            Item is a short story about a man who travels the world in his dreams.

            An t-Eithireach
            CA BI G163 · Item · 1952

            Item is a collection of original poems and songs including musical notation.

            MacLeod, Major C.I.N.
            Angus R. MacDonald fonds
            CA BI MG 6.33 · Fonds · 1928-1973

            Fonds consists of papers including poetry, book excerpts, and a scrapbook. Papers include:

            1. A collection of his poetry compiled by his daughter, Christena E. MacDonald, 1968. Also included is a poem by French Road bard, Duncan MacDonald. Typescript and printed, 32 pages.
            2. Excerpts from Songs of the Gael [n.d.]. Printed, 6 pages.
            3. Obituary of Angus R. MacDonald, 1973. Clippings including a poem by John Og Walker of Lake Ainslie.
            4. “Biography of Christena Evelyn MacDonald” 1931. Original, 9 pages.
            5. Scrapbook of clippings pertaining to Florence E. MacDonald’s track and field career, and including clippings on Johnny Miles, 1929.
            6. Failte Cheap Breatuinn: A collection of Gaelic poetry by Vincent A. MacLellan (1891). The MacNeil Edition edited by James Hugh MacNeil, 1933. Typescript 233 pages. Supplement, 1933, containing biography of V. A. McLellan. Typescript, 22 pages. Presented by Angus R. MacDonald.
            MacDonald, Angus R.
            Angus Y. MacLellan fonds
            CA BI MG 6.63 · Fonds · 1912-1946

            Fonds consists of poems, biography of Angus Y. MacLellan, and recollections of life on Margaree Island.

            1. Poem: “Clach An Càrn an Dòmhnallaich” was presented by Sister St. Francis of Rome, C.N.D.

            2. Duncan H. and Mary Margaret MacLellan recall their childhood spent on Margaree Island. Typescript, 12 pages Presented by Margaret Long, Brockton, Mass., June 1983.

            3. “My years on Margaree Island” by Lauranna MacLellan MacDonald, who presented the paper in December, 1983. Photocopy, 4 pages.

            4. Biography of Angus Y. MacLellan (1887-1960) Photocopy, 11 pages.

            Songs composed by Angus Y. MacLellan and other bards that appear in "Smeòrach nan Cnoc 's nsn Gleann" and "Gaelic Songs in Nova Scotia". Photocopy, 10 pages
            Story “Raonull Ban Mac Eoghain Oig” by Aonghas MacGillfhaolain. Print, 26 pages.

            1. “The Part Played by the Scottish Catholic Society of Canada in the Establishment of the St. F. X. Extension Department” 1953. Typescript, 21 pages.

            Clippings: Obituary of Rev. Michael Gillis, 1970; Obituary of Ernest Hart, the Chairmaker from Northeast Margaree, n.d. Presented by Sister Carmelina MacLellan, Port Hawkesbury, 1984.

            MacLellan, Angus Y.
            Archie Morrison fonds
            CA BI MG 6.34 · Fonds · 1900-1979

            This fonds consists of a collection of Gaelic songs, stories, poetry, history and tombstone inscriptions.

            Papers are in Gaelic:

            1. Story: “Seann Chuimhneachan air a’ Choire Ghlas” copied from the work by John MacCormick, first appearing in An Gaidheal, Vol.2. Photocopy, 12 pages.
            2. Story: "A’Bhean Iadach" from Am Measg Nam Bodach, 1938.
              "Iain Ciar agus an Robair" from Aig Tigh na Beinne by Katherine Whyte Grant.
              "Eoghan Ruadh aig a ‘Mhod" from The Celtic Garland by Henry Whyte. Photocopies, 20 pages.
            3. Poetry and songs, many by Cape Breton bards. many have been copied from songs appearing in The History of Christmas Island Parish. Also a song composed by Murdoch Morrison of Ferguson's Lake and Gaelic translations of English hymns. Photocopies and originals, 38 pages.
            4. An typed excerpt from the Gaelic translation of the Episcopalian Book of Common Prayer. Photocopy, 1 page.
            5. Description of Islands of Coll, Uist and Mull copied from the book Am Measg nam Bodach, 1938.
            6. Inscriptions on the tombstones of John MacLean, Gaelic bard; Rev. Alexander MacLean Sinclair and Mrs. John Sinclair. Photocopy, 1 page. Presented by Mr. Morrison.
            Barry Fraser fonds
            CA BI MG 6.55 · Fonds · 1979

            Fonds consists of Gaelic songs collected and arranged by Mr. Fraser.

            Chi Mi Bhuam composed by Alexander "Ridge" MacDonald
            Am Bhraighidh composed by Malcolm H. Gillis

            Mr. Fraser also provides the names of the individuals from whom he recorded the melodies transcribed.

            Fraser, Barry
            CA BI MG 6.22-MG 6.22 10 · File · 1964-1966
            Part of Gaelic songs

            Articles include:

            “Uisdein MacGhilleasbaig Chléirich” about the treacherous nephew of Donald Gorm MacDonald in the 16th century.
            “An Righ agus an Ciobair” a folktale.
            The Irish Famine.
            A mystery ship
            Train service in Scotland
            Folklore of Kintyre
            Calendar customs
            A comical conversation between the “Red Cat” and “Peigi”
            The Poetry of Fr. Allan MacDonald
            A comical conversation between the “Red Cat” and “Peigi” corncerning Gaels’ impression of non-Gaels.
            The New Year tradition of A’Challain. Reprinted from Teachdaire nan Gaidheal, 1829.
            A comical conversation between the “Red Cat” and “Peigi” The Brahan Seer, Coinneach Odhar.
            A response to a letter sent in 1848 to a Gaelic periodical, in which a man expresses concern regarding women’s fashions,
            Highladn regiments fighting in WWI and WWII.
            The folktale “Na Tri Fainneachan”
            Wise Fool tales of Gilleasbuig Aotrom
            The loss of self-sustenance in the Highlands
            Concerning the Glasgow and other Fairs.
            A letter to the editor from a man in the Highlands complaining about women’s behaviour and the cost of living going up.
            Educational reform in Scotland.
            An man who lived in Oban’s school log book.
            The Massacre of Glencoe
            Biblical stories
            The Crofter’s Commission Report
            A Gaelic textbook used in Harris
            Gaelic poets
            The life and works of Gaelic scholar, Ewen MacLachlan

            CA BI G157 · Item · ca. 1965

            Item is a collection of songs, and information regarding the songs, that were commonly sung in Christmas Island and surrounding communities. Most of the songs were composed in the area, but a few are Old Country songs.

            CA BI GSB25 · Item · 1890

            Item is the first of three parts of a collection of poetry in the possession of Rev. A. MacLean Sinclair. These works include compositions from Scottish manuscript collections as well as locally composed poems and works from the manuscript collections of John MacLean (The Bard MacLean) and Rev. James D. MacGregor. Biographical information concerning the bards is also provided - in either English or Gaelic

            CA BI GSB19 · Item · 1890

            Item is the third and final portion of a collection of poetry in the possession of Rev. A. MacLean Sinclair. These works include compositions from Scottish manuscript collections as well as locally composed poems and works from the manuscript collections of John MacLean (The Bard MacLean) and Rev. James D. MacGregor. Biographical information concerning the bards is also provided - in either English or Gaelic.

            CA BI RPB1633G2 · Item · 1776

            Item is a collection of Gaelic songs and the names of the bards that composed them collected by Ronald (Dubh) MacDonald of Eigg. It is also known as "The Eigg Collection".

            Crann, Vol. 1
            CA BI G33 · Item · 196-?

            Item is a magazine produced by the Gaelic Society of the University of Aberdeen. Contains poetry, stories and art from the students.

            Currie, John
            CA BI MG 6.40 · Fonds

            Fonds consists of a lament, in Gaelic, written on the death of his wife, with translation into English.

            Dain agus Orain
            CA BI GSB24 · Item · 1902

            Item is a collection of poems by the bard Alexander MacKinnon that had originally been copied from the bard's own manuscript by John MacLean (Iain Mac Ailein), otherwise known as The Bard MacLean.

            CA BI MG 6.39 · Fonds · 1927

            Fonds consists of papers including poems and a genealogy of the MacFarlanes, compiled by D.D. MacFarlane.

            A. Gaelic version of “Scots Wha Hae” and “Ath Shealladh” the latter of which was composed by Mr. MacFarlane on New Year's Day, 1927. Presented by Finlay Campbell, Saint John.
            B. Translation into Gaelic of “The Minstrel Boy” and “Lord Ullin’s Daughter,” both by Mr. MacFarlane. Original, 4 pages. Presented by Estate of W. S. MacFarlane, 1981.
            C. Genealogy of the MacFarlanes by D. D. MacFarlane, 1943 Original, 5 pages. (Indexed copy filed in B & G File) Presented by Rev. John Hugh MacEachen, July 1984.

            MacFarlane, Donald Dougal
            Eilean na h-Oige
            CA BI G26 · Item · 19-

            Item is a poem by Fr. Allan MacDonald.

            Gaelic Song Clippings
            CA BI MG 6.22-MG 6.22 2 · File · n.d.
            Part of Gaelic songs

            Songs include:
            "An Bho Riabhach" by Angus Campbell, Grand Mira
            "Ola-Truisg Leigh" by Cabar Feidh
            "Oran Marbhadh na Muice" by Angus R. MacDonald of New Waterford
            "Duan do Cheap Breatunn" by Alasdair the Ridge
            "Oran Leis a Bhard Alasdair McIsaac"
            "Oran a Chnatan" by Steve Black (SR)
            “Tha Mo Run air a’Ghille”
            "O Tha Mi Sgith" a local composition written by a girl who was not allowed to marry “Currie”. She was made to marry another man.
            "Oran do Sgoil Ghaidhlig Muilnean nam Frisealach" by Alasdair the Ridge
            "Mo Dhurachd do'n Sgioba"
            "Oran le Donnachadh Domhnullach" by Angus R. MacDonald, New Waterford. About the bard’s childhood on the French Road.
            "Bata Bean Ailean" by Angus Campbell, Grand Mira
            "An Tir bu Mhiann Leinn" by Lachlan MacIntyre, Louisburg
            “Coire Bhreacain” by “Murdoch”
            “Oran a’Phiatain” by Calum MacKinnon, Bruernish, Barra
            “Muile nam Mor-Bheann”
            “Oran an Fhogaraich” by John MacRae of Kintail, Scotland
            “Thug Mi Gaol do’n Fhear Bhan”
            “Oran an t-Saighdeir”. Submitted by Mary Blue, Valley Mills.
            “Tha Mo Bhreacan Dubh Fo’n Dile”
            “Horo Eileinich” also known as “Tha Mo run ‘s air a’Ghalldachd”
            “Fein-Labhairt an t-Seann Duine” by Malcolm Gillis
            “Cruinneag na Buaile”
            “Tuireadh” also known as "A Mhic Dhughaill 'ic Ruairidh"
            “Brigein Brionnach”
            “Mairi Og”
            “An t-Eilean Muileach”
            “Nighean Donn na Buaile”
            “A Ribhinn Mhaiseach”
            “Oran do’n Chogadh Mhor” by Anne Lachlann MacLean of Coll
            “Tha Mo Run air a’Ghille”
            “An Te Sin air a Bheil Mi’n Geall”
            “Eilean an Fhraoich” by Murdoch MacLeod, Scotland
            “Air Lorg an Eilein”
            “Oran Gaoil”
            “Mairi Dhonn Thorr-a-Chaisteal”
            “Bata Alasdair Fhearchair” by Malcolm Gillis, Southwest Margaree
            “Eile na Hiuraibh O Ho”, also known as “Fliuch an Oidhche”
            “Air a’Ghille Tha Mo Run”
            “Mo Chailinn Dileas Donn” by Hector MacKenzie
            “Gu De ni Mi Mur Faigh Mi Thu”
            “Oran Luchd Imrich” by Anna Gillis, Morar. Also known as “O Siud an Taobh a Ghabhainn”
            “Oran Garradh Iagain”also known as “Creach na Samhna” by Angus Campbell.
            “Dh’fhalbh Mo Leannan Fein”
            “Leannan nan Gruagach” also known as “Cur M’Aghaidh ri Diura”
            Song about the WWl by a man from Barra who had visited Cape Breton.
            “Oran do Cheap Breatuinn” by John “Òg” Walker when he was convalescing in a hospital in Boston.
            “An Te a Chaill a Ghaidhlig” by the Bard MacDearmid of the North Shore
            “Oran a’Bhata” about a man suffering from rheumatism who builds himself a boat to travel. Submitted by Archie Gillis of North Sydney.
            ‘S a Mhosgaid ri’m Ghualainn”

            Black, Stephen R.
            Gaelic Song Clippings
            CA BI MG 6.22-MG 6.22 3 · File · 1893-c1950
            Part of Gaelic songs

            Songs include:

            "Laodh Naomh Anndra" by Fr. Donald MacAdam
            "An Loch Mor" by Angus Gillis (aongus Eòin Ghilleasbaig), Rear Beaver Cove
            "Oran Na Caillich" by Archie Alex MacKenzie
            "Oran na Stuamachd" by Mary Blue, Valley Mills
            "Oran do Bhean Dhomhnull Dhomhnullaich" by Angus R. MacDonald, New Waterford
            "Moladh a Bhaird do Luchd Duthcha' by John Currie, Blackett’s Lake
            "Eilean a Prionnsa" by Norman MacDonald
            "Tir nan Og" by Kenneth MacLeod, Baddeck
            "Tha Mi Sgith bho'n Tim Seo'n De" by the Bard MacLeam
            "Oran Gaoil" by Michael MacLean, Irish Vale
            "Oran Cumha" also known as "Marbhrann do Mhrs. Noble" by John “The Bard” MacLean
            "Oran do Cheap Breatunn" by Alasdair the Ridge
            "Oran do Cheap Breatunn" by Dan Alex MacDonald
            "Oran do Cheap Breatunn" by James R. Feuguson, Boston. Submitted by Angus R. MacDonald, New Waterford.
            "Oran le Domhnull Domhnullach" by Angus R. MacDonald, New Waterford
            “An Te a Chaill a Ghaidhlig" le James R. Ferguson, Boston
            "Teine Eaglais Bhaoghasdail" by Angus O'Handley
            "Dan do Sheann Ford" by William MacVicar, Catalone.
            "Dan Spioradail" by Malcolm MacIntyre, Catalone
            "Deoch Slainte a'Ghaidheal Ghasda" by Michael Lachlann MacNeil, Red Islands
            “Posadh Eoghann ri Iseabal” by Cabar Feidh
            “An Gaol a Thug Mi Og”
            “Fear a Bhata”
            “Fhleasgaich Uir, Leanainn Thu”
            “Oran a’Bhachelor”, by William MacVicar, Catalone.
            “Mo Nighean Dubh”
            “Deoch Slainte a Ghaidheil” for Allan Cameron
            “Nionaig a’Chuil Duinn
            “Mo Nighean Donn a’Chuil Reidh” by Malcolm H. Gillis
            “Mo Chailin Dileas Donn”
            “Maili Bheag Og”
            “A Bhanarach Dhonn”
            “Eilean Leodhais Tir nan Gaisgeach”
            “Albannach Chanada”
            “Comhairle do na Gillean Oga”
            “Dan Cumha”, also known as “Cumha Aonghuis”
            “Last Farewell to the Mountains”, translation of “Cead Deireannach nam Beann”
            “Eilean Mo Ghaol”
            “Mairi Lurach”
            “Oran le Donnachadh Domhnullach” concerning the bard’s childhood on the French Road. Submitted by Angus R. MacDonald, New Waterford.
            “Faill Ill O Agus Horo Eile”
            “Oran Seachran Seilig” by Duncan Ban MacIntyre
            “Orain Luaidh”
            “Cumha do Mhac a Chaidh a Mharbhadh sa Chogadh” by Calum MacKinnon of Barra.
            “Cruinneag na Buaile”
            “An Teid Thu Leam a Mhairi”
            “Leannan nan Gruagach”. Submitted by Neil MacKinnon.
            “Allt an t-Siucair” by Alasdair MacMhaighstir Alasdair
            “Cead Deireannach nam Beann” by Duncan Ban MacIntyre
            “Ille Dhuinn, Chaidh Thu’m Dhith”
            “Mo Chruinneag Illeach
            “Mairi Bhoidheach”
            “Mairi Dhonn Thorr-a-Chasteal”
            “Di-Mholadh an Uisge Beatha” by Dr. John MacLachlan
            “Oran Molaidh do’n Ghaidhlig” by Hugh Chisholm, Bute, Ontario
            “Oran Mulaid”number 100 in The Celtic Garland
            “Thug Mi Gaol do’n Fhear Bhan”
            “Tha Gainneamh Tim Ri Sioladh” translated by James Murray

            Gaelic Song Clippings
            CA BI MG 6.22-MG 6.22 5 · File · c1915-1950
            Part of Gaelic songs

            Songs include:

            “Fionn ri Fearghus” part of a Fenian ballad
            “Oran an t-Saighdeir” also known as “Oran an t-Seathaich”. Submitted to the Sydney Post Record by someone from Grand Mira, believing it not to have been previously published.
            Dated July 16, 1921.
            “Oran an Ionndrainn” by Mac-Pheitris about the community of Stirling, near Framboise, where he had served as minister. From the Sydney Post record dated Nov. 27, 1920.
            “Guma Slan do’n Oigfhear” by Neil MacLeod
            “Miann a’Bhaird Aosda” an Ossianic poem published in the Sydney Post Record. Dated July 17, 1922.
            “Rannan air Bas Mic”by John Campbell of Ledaig in Scotland.
            “Glaodh na Cloinne” by Kenneth Angus Ferguson, L’Ardoise Highlands.
            “Comhradh Tre’n Phosta”
            “A Mhairi Dhubh”
            “Taigh Beag Mo Mhathair”
            “Moladh na h-Oighe Gaidhealaich”by William Ross
            “Dochas” by Neil MacLeod
            “An Geamhradh” by Dougald Buchanan
            “Laoidh Oisein do’n Ghrein”
            “Oran Mu Am a’Chogadh” dated April 30, 1921.
            “Tir na Samhachair” dated April 30, 1921.
            “Gleann-a-Mailidh” by Patrick Campbell of Fort William, Scotland.
            “Failte na Saighdearan”
            “Na Mathraichean Gaidhealach” by Kenneth Angus Ferguson, L’Ardoise Highlands, 1920.
            “Braigh Abhainn Bharnaidh” by Rev. Duncan Black Blair
            “Oran Molaidh do’n Ghaidhlig” by Hugh Chisholm of Bute, Ontario
            “Nighean Donn Na Buaile” by Rev. Duncan Macfarlane, Scotland
            “Air a’Ghille tha Mo Run”
            “Chuir mi Cul ri Iollaraidh”by Donald MacDonald of Catalone for a man who visited Cape Breton from MacDonald’s native North Uist.
            “An Dolar Gorm” and “Tha Soillseadh air na Beanntan” translated by Kenneth Angus Ferguson of L’Ardoise Highlands.
            “Iorram nam Fogarach”
            “Oran do Dh'Fhidhill a Chaidh a Bhristeadh aig Bal” by Michael MacNeil, Grass Cove. Submitted by Hugh F. MacKenzie.
            “Cruinneag na Buaile”
            “Loch Laomainn”
            “Dean Cadalan Samhach” by John MacRae of Kintail, Scotland and North Carolina.
            “Turas gu Mexico” by John V. MacNeil, Benacadie Glen.
            “Duanag do Chait na Sgireachd” by Kenneth Angus Ferguson, L’Ardoise Highlands.
            “Breacan Mairi Uisdein” Submitted by Rodercick C. MacDonald, Upper Washabuck.
            “Cumha do Dhomhnull MacFhionnghain” handwritten copy.
            “Hu O Ho Hu ‘s Mi Fo Mhighean” with notes on the text by Joseph MacKinnon. This is prefaced by a cover letter from “J.H.” addressed to Mrs. Hector MacLean, Archibald Avenue, North Sydney.
            “Cumh’ an t-Saighdeir Oig” by Professor Joseph MacKinnon, Beaver cove and Boisdale
            “Rannan Breige” Submitted by Angus R. MacDonald (Boston and New Waterford)
            “Mo Thinneas” by Murdoch MacDonald, Cape North and North Sydney.
            “Oran a’Chnatan” by John MacDonald, Mabou
            “Mo Ribhinn Choimhneil” by Duncan MacQueen, Scotland
            Cailinn Bhoidheach Ceann na Leigeadh” by Cabar-Feidh
            “Oran” By Calum Mac Iain ‘ic Phadruig of Berneray Harris
            “Chi Mi Muile nam Beann Fuar” 2 copies
            “Mo Dhurachd do’n Sgioba” Submitted by Johnny MacDonald of North Sydney
            “Oran do’n Bhata Adhar” Typed by Joseph J. MacInnis.
            “Oran Cumha” also known as “Air Fail Irinn Iu”

            MacInnis, Joseph J.
            Gaelic Song Clippings
            CA BI MG 6.22-MG 6.22 4 · File · 1893-1950
            Part of Gaelic songs

            "Oran an Tairbh" by Donald "Mór" MacDonald of Mull River
            "Clann na Gaeli 'n Cogagdh 's 'n Sith" (3 copies), 1918.
            "Cumha do Chaluim MacGillios" by James Ross Ferguson
            "Cumha Do'n Ard Urr. Domh'll MacEadhmuinn"Lament for the death of Fr. Donald MacAdam by Vincent A. MacLellan.
            "Duanag do Mhabu" by Alasdair "The Ridge" MacDonald - submitted with notes by Alex D. MacLean, Iona.
            "Ged a Sheol Mi air M'Aineol" along with a letter to the editor about attitudes towards Gaelic among youth. Submission by Roderick C. MacDonald, Upper Washabuck.
            "Oran do Cheap Breatuinn" by John "Og" Walker, composed while convalescing with rheumatism in a hospital in Boston.
            "Luineag" by M.A. MacKinnon, Kirkwood, East Lake Ainslie.
            "Soraidh Leis a'Mhaighdean a Tha Gun Ghruaim"Submitted by Roderick C. MacDonald, Upper Washabuck.
            "Oran na Caillich" by Archie Sheumais MacKenzie.
            "Duanag do Dharna Cogadh Mor an t-Saoghail" by Mairi Dhomhnuill Fraser, Broad Cove.
            "Oran na Bochdainn" (Song of the Depression) by J.H. Jamieson.
            "A'Mhuc Mhor Bhreac" Recorded from Stephen MacNeil by Norman Brown.
            "Moladh Alba Nuadh" by Allan "The Ridge" MacDonald. Also included is further information about John "The Hunter" MacDonald for whom the song was composed.
            "Duanag do Dh'Arasaig" by "Murchadh Aonghuis Dhuibh" (Murdock Black Angus). Submitted by "Iain Bettidh".
            "Suiridhe Raoghail Mhaoil" by James Ross Ferguson, Boston. Based on play that he recently saw performed.
            "An Loch Mor" by Angus Gillis
            "Each Ban Dhomhnuill Ic Raonuill" by Angus Campbell, Grand Mira. The song concerns an incident in during the Fenian Raids in which people accidentally killed their draught horse. Submitted by James Campbell of Glace Bay, Angus Campbell's son.
            "Oran Do'n Mhac-Talla" by Archie "Mac an Tailor" MacLellan, Rear Dunvegan (c1805-1900).
            "Am Fleasgach Dualach" by M. A. MacKinnon, Kirkwood.
            "An Till Thu, Leannain?" by Eoghan MacFhionghuin/Ewen MacKinnon ("Bodach a'Bhidse"), Iona. From The Casket, 1933.
            Two handwritten verses of Donald "Gobha" MacLellan's "Loch Mhira".
            "Caoidh" by Donald MacKinnon, of Port Hood, proceeded by an obituary.
            "Clachag Bheag Na Carn". Lament for the death of Anna, wife of Neil Gillis of Broad Cove.
            "Oran do America" by John "The Hunter" MacDonald.
            "Oran dha Cheile"and "Taladh ar Slanuighir" by Duncan MacDonald, Sydney (2 copies)
            "Cumha do Mhgr. Iain Friseal" by R. MacKenzie of Boularderie.
            "Moladh Loch Ainslie" by John Walker
            "Sud Mar Chaidh 'n Ceol a Dholaidh" about some hilarious antics that went on at a Mod in Cape Breton. Based on a puirt-a-beul
            and the strathspey "The Haughs of Cromdale".
            Anonymous song in praise of the radio show "Ceilidh Cheap Breatuinn".
            "Oran a'Mhathain" concerning an encounter with a bear in McArras Brook, Antigonish County.
            "Oran na h-Aoise" by Archie Sheumais MacKenzie, Rear Christmas Island.
            "O Mo Chaoladh Mor a Thainig"
            "Oran Aonghuis Iain" by Margaret MacLean, Boisdale.
            "Tomas Seanntair" A translation of the poem "Tom O Shanter" by Robert Burns.
            "Cumha Cheap Breatunn" by Alasdair "The Ridge" MacDonald.
            "Aideachadh an Fhleasgaich Ghlic" by Archie Sheumas MacKenzie of Rear Christmas Island. Translation included.
            "Oran na Gaidhlig" by Calum MacNeil "Calum Iain a'Mhuilleir" or Ironville.
            "Buth Dhomhnuill 'ic Leoid"
            "Cumha Eilean a'Cheo"
            "An Ataireachd Ard", dated 1943
            "Anna Lauri" translated by the late Michael MacDonald
            "Mo Nighean Donn a Cornaig"
            "Ola an Truisg", dated 1942
            Quote from a poem by Malcolm MacAskill of Harris, in praise of Rev. Roderick MacLeod in Ontario. Roderick was the song of John Morrison, "Gobha na h-Earradh. The poem was copied from MacTalla. Dated 1942

            Gaelic Song Clippings
            CA BI MG 6.22-MG 6.22 6 · File · c1893-1950
            Part of Gaelic songs

            Songs include:

            "Oran an Dannsa" by Angus R. MacDonald, New Waterford.
            "Seacadh an Duthcha" by Hugh Francis MacKenzie.
            "Cumha". Lament for Donald MacKinnon of MacKinnon's Harbour who was killed in WW2. Composed by Neil "Mór" MacNeil of Rear Iona.
            "Air Lorg an Eilean" by Rev. Dr. Kenneth MacLeod
            Song in praise of Big Pond. Author unknown.
            "Taobh Abhainn Aora" signed by J.J. MacInnis and dated 1943.
            "Carn air a'Mhonadh" by Duncan Johnston. 2 copies.
            "The Great Physician"
            "There is a Fountain"
            "The Sweet by-and-By"
            "Rinn M'Eudail Mo Mhealladh"
            'Thig a Samhradh le Ruthadh"
            "Gur Moch Rinn mi Dusgadh"
            "Air Failirin Illirin Uillirin O", with verses in English.
            'I Hiuraibh O Chan Eil Mi Slan"
            Lament for the loss of the Ship of "Mary Uisdean". The ship was owned by then director of the Gaelic College A.W.R. MacKenzie.
            "'S e'n Gille Dubh as Aile"
            "Oganaich an Or-Fhuilt Bhuidhe"
            "Duanag a'Chiobeir"

            CA BI MG 6.22-MG 6.22 8 · File · c1900-1950
            Part of Gaelic songs

            Songs include:

            “Fath mo Mhulaid I Bhith Thall”
            “Linn an Aigh” by John MacQuarrie
            “Thug Mi Gaol Do’n Fhear Bhan”
            “A’Chruinneag Ileach” Submitted by M.A. NicFhionghain, Kirkwood, East Lake Ainslie.
            “A Bhannarach Dhonn”
            “Oran an t-Saighdear”
            “Cha Tig Mor” Submitted by a woman from Mabou.
            “Oran Dealachaidh”
            ‘Cead Deareannach nam Beann” by Duncan Ban MacIntyre. Also included is translation by R. MacGregor Fraser of Acadia University.
            “Am Post” by John Campbell
            “Oran a’Chogadh” by Calum MacKinnon, Barra. Submitted by Neil Sinclair to a friend in Nova Scotia.
            “Oran Leannanachd” Contributed by Neil Morrison, Sydney Forks.
            “Eiliean Leodhais Tir nan Gaisgeach” By Alexander Nicholson, Lewis, Scotland.
            “Thoir Mo Shoraidh Dhan Taobh Tuath”
            “Nighean Donn Mo Ribhinn Og”
            “Eilean Mo Chridh’”
            “Cumha Barraich, 1923”
            “Te a Leadain Dualaich” by Murdoch Morrison, Niagra Falls, New York.
            “Siol nam Fear Fearail” by Kenneth Angus Morrison, L’Ardoise Highlands.
            “Air Lorg nan Eilean” Translation of “The Road the the Isles”.”Oran do Theampull na Naoimh Truinnein” by Alexander MacDonald the “Keppoch Bard”. Composed in 1871 upon the construction of St. Ninian’s Cathedral.

            Gaelic songs
            CA BI MG 6.22 · Collection · 1893 - c1950

            Collection consists of Gaelic songs and music, clippings and a scrapbook. Each file collection is prefaced by an index of the songs.

            Gaelic Songs
            CA BI MG 6.43 · Fonds · 20th century

            Fonds consists of Gaelic poetry, songs, hymns and a letter. Creator is unknown.

            A. Notebook of handwritten Gaelic songs believed to be the songs of Ewen MacKinnon, otherwise known in Iona as "Bodach a'Bhidse".
            B. Gaelic translation of the hymn “The Old Old Story.” Hexatonic scale adapted to regular musical store by unknown person. Original, 2 pages.
            C1. Song "Chuir Mi Cul ri Iollaraidh" (with English translation) [n.d.] Original, 2 pages. Presented by Mr. & Mrs. John MacKenzie, Mira Gut.
            C2. Song: “Bheir a Nall am Botal Dhu” [sic] (local composition) Original, 2 pages. Presented by John Allan MacNeil, Grand Narrows.
            C3a. "Mi'm Shuidhe M'Onar" by Scottish bard Sorley Cameron. The name “Neil MacDonald” is penciled on the manuscript but not definite that he is the author. Original, 8 pages.
            C3b Humourous song [untitled] also written in Cape Breton. Signed by Neil Macdonald but he was not the author. Also 2 fiddle tunes with musical notation, one stating that it is from Bill Lamey. Original, 5 pages.
            C4. Song (untitled) likely of Cape Breton origin. Typescript, 1 page.
            D. Letter written in Gaelic from Crows Nest to a friend in Inverness County, 1915. Original, 1 page. Presented by John Neil Beaton, Port Hood, 1984.

            CA BI T-380 · Item · 1972
            Part of Sound and Moving Image Collection

            Item is an audio recording of Gaelic singing with Alexander Beaton, Angus D. Rankin, Elizabeth MacEachern, Maggie Gillis (née MacDougall), Duncan Gillis of Hawthorne and Margaret S. (Duncan Peter) Campbell. Mr. Rankin is accompanied in singing of chorus by Angus (Sandy) Rankin and Alexander Beaton in all his songs. Charles "Miller MacDonald of Glencoe Mills speaks about mills and Hughena Campbell talks about cheesemaking.

            Side 1:

            Beaton, Alexander - "Òran do Ghille a Chaidh a Bhàthadh"

            Rankin, Angus D. - Song "Nach Muladach, Muladach Duine Leis Fhéin" (Local version)

            Rankin, Angus D. - Song "Seinn h-Iuraibh Bhinn O" (Seann Òran Seilige)

            Beaton, Alexander. - Song "O Siud an Taobh a Ghabhainn" by Anna Gillis

            Rankin, Angus D. - Song "Bitibh Aotrom 's Togaibh Fonn" By John "The Bard" MacLean

            Rankin, Angus D. - Song "Càite bheil I ann am Muile?"

            MacEachern, Elizabeth - Song "O Teannaibh Dlùth is Togaibh Fonn"

            MacEachern, Elizabeth - Song "A Fhleasgaich Uasail"

            MacEachern, Elizabeth - Song "a'Chruinneag Ìleach"

            MacEachern, Elizabeth - Song "An t-Alltan Dubh"

            MacEachern, Elizabeth - Song "Mo Nighean Donn Bhòidheach"

            MacEachern, Elizabeth - Song "Gaol nan Cruinneag"

            MacEachern, Elizabeth - Song "Éirich is Cur Umad 's Tiugainn Leam"

            MacEachern, Elizabeth - Song "Màiri Bhàn"

            Beaton, Murdoch - Duan for a réiteach.

            Beaton, Murdoch - Naidheachd: "Dòmhnall Cruaidh agus an Ceàrd"

            Beaton, Murdoch - Song " Cumha Bàs Fir agus a h-Ìghne" composed by Sìleas na Ceapaich.

            Beaton, Murdoch - Naidheachd air Mgr Ailean MacIlleathain

            Beaton, Murdoch - Naidheachd air Ailean a Rids, an t-Each aige 's Mgr Ailean

            Beaton, Murdoch - Naidheachd air Aonghas Cìobair ann a Seatago

            Beaton, Murdoch - Naidheachd: Coilleach an Àite Clog

            Beaton, Murdoch - Naidheachd: An Cù Leisg

            Beaton, Murdoch - Naidheachd: Fear a Fhuair Muc an Asgaidh

            Beaton, Murdoch - Naidheachd: Léine Ùr airson Piognaig

            Beaton, Murdoch - Song "Òran na Seana Mhaighdinn"

            Beaton, Murdoch - Song "A 'Dhòmhnuill Bhig a hu a ho"

            Side 2:

            Campbell, Margaret S. (Mrs Duncan Peter) of Glencoe Mills - Song "Deoch-Slàinte Luchd nam Brachannan"

            MacDonald, Hugh Donald of Glencoe Mills - Song "Eilean Sgitheanach nam Buadh"

            MacDonald, Charles "Miller" - Operating grist, carding and saw mills

            Campbell, Hughena - Making cheese

            MacEachern, Elizabeth - song "Clachan Ghlinndaruadhail"

            Gillis, Maggie (née MacDougall) - Song "Annie Laurie" in Gaelic

            Gillis, Maggie (née MacDougall) - Hymn "Pulling Hard Against the Stream"

            Gillis, Duncan - song "Chì Mi Bhuam"

            Unknown - song "Duanag an t-Seòladair"

            MacEachern, Elizabeth
            CA BI T-368 · Item · 1972
            Part of Sound and Moving Image Collection

            Item is an audio recording of Margaret MacLean performing a number of Gaelic songs. Includes:

            "Hu O Ro Hu O"
            "Dh' Fhalbh Mo Rùn, 's Dh' Fhàg e'n Cala"
            "Òran a Leòdhasaich" (Composed by MacLean for Scottish visitor, Angus Smith)
            "Òran an Teine" (Composed by Lachlan Currie)
            "Turus an Ànraidh" (Composed by Lachlan Currie)
            "Gaol a Thug Mi Og". Sailing song, not the popular love song. See Associated Materials for link to an online transcription.
            "Mo Mhàli Bheag Og". Differs greatly from published versions.
            "Deoch-Slàinte Ghàidheil Ghasda". War song

            Stolarsky, Mildred
            "Guth Barrach"
            CA BI MG 6.47 · Fonds · n.d.

            Fonds consists of an address to the Gaels in Canada by the author Donald Sinclair of Barra and later Glasgow. He names is signed using his patronymic "Dòmhnull Dhòmhnuill Dhunnchaidh Chìobair" and initials from the Gaelic for Sinclair "D.M.N.C.". His signature also states that his is from Barra.

            Hugh Francis MacKenzie fonds
            CA BI MG 6.23 · Fonds · 1905-1986

            Fonds consists of papers that include:

            b. Two copies of the history of the first settlers in Iona including MacKenzie's version of the story of their first encounter with the Mi'Kmaq ; a story in English and set in Christmas Island. Many cultural practices are discussed ; a speech addressed to The Nova Scotia and Canadian Associations of Social workers ; two songs in English.

            MacKenzie, Hugh Francis
            CA BI MG 6.37 · Fonds · 1936-1955

            Fonds consists of:

            • papers including correspondence with D.D. MacFarlane, Joseph D. MacKinnon and Fr. Angus MacNeil pertaining to MacNeil, MacSween and MacFarlane genealogies and to Gaelic songs
            • list of members of the Caledonian Society, Sydney
            • story entitled "Stephen the Spendthrift"
            • passport photo of Mr. MacNeil [#79-1192-4172]
            John James "J.J." MacKinnon
            CA BI MG 6.36 · Fonds · 1943

            This fonds consists of a notebook of Gaelic songs, correspondence and poetry:

            Notebook of Gaelic songs, many by Cape Breton bards [n.d.]
            Letter from Dr. P. J. Nicholson pertaining to a Gaelic poem, 1943.
            Gaelic poem composed by J. J. MacKinnon, n.d. Print, 1 page.

            MacKinnon, J. J.
            Leabhar na Ceilidh
            CA BI G177 · Item · 1898

            Item is a collection of short stories and poetry by various authors that were involved in the creation of Gaelic fiction. MacTalla is listes as one of the contributors.

            Loch Mhira
            CA BI G74 · Item · 1931

            Item is a typed copy of Donald MacLellan "An Gobha"'s poem, Loch Mira, produced in his memory by his son, Vincent A. MacLellan.

            MacLellan, Vincent A.
            MacDougall, Rev. Donald John
            CA BI MG 6.58 · Fonds · 1968

            Fonds consists of the Gaelic poem "Druim an-t-Saoghail" with English translation, both versions signed by the author. Because of this poem, MacDougall was awarded the Bardic Crown at the Mod in Dunoon in 1968. Rev. MacDougall of Stirling, Scotland is the author of Braisde Latharna (The Brooch of Lorne).

            MacDougall, Rev. Donald John
            MacTalla nan Cul
            CA BI G40 · Item · 19-

            Item is a booklet of Songs composed by Hugh Francis MacKenzie. A forward is written in English.

            MacKenzie, Hugh Francis
            MacTalla nan Tur
            CA BI GSB22 · Item · 1901

            Item is a collection of poetry including biographical information on the bards.

            MacTalla nan Tur
            G61 · Item · 1901

            Item is a collection of poetry from Scottish and Nova Scotia bards. In the preface, Sinclair states that this collection is meant to serve as a supplement to his "Gaelic Bards" collections.

            CA BI MG 6.63-6.63 1 · File · n.d
            Part of Angus Y. MacLellan fonds

            File consists of:

            -Lament for Ronald MacLellan, the blacksmith of Southwest Margaree. In English.
            -A Biography of Angus Y MacLellan.
            -Clach an Carn an Domhnallaich. Handwritten MSS.
            -8 songs by MacLellan and others from Smeorach nan Cnoc 's Nan Gleann and Gaelic Songs in Nova Scotia. Photocopies.
            -A story by Angus Y. MacLellan, "Raonull Ban Mac Eoghain Oig".
            -Information about a paper written about MacLellan by his great granddaughter, Lisa Long. Handwritten and signed Margaret MacLellan Long, 1983. Also included is a photo of Lisa Long.
            -Obituary of James J. MacLellan, the bard's son.

            CA BI MG 6.22-MG 6.22 9 · Item · 1964-1966
            Part of Gaelic songs

            Item is a scrapbook of song clippings, some of which are loose. Songs include:

            “Moladh a Bhaird Dha Mhuinntir Duthcha” by John Currie, Blackett’s Lake. Submitted by Neil Morrison.
            “Marbhrann do Chursaidh Moireasdan” by Iain Moireasdan, Glasgow, Scotland.
            “Am Brusach ir Blar Allt-a’-Bhonnaich”
            Song in praise of the poet Alasdair MacKinnon (1770-1814).
            “An Gaidheal am Measg nan Gall” also known as “Och a Ruin Gur-a Tu th’air m’Aire” by John “The Bard” MacLean
            “Duanag Chaoil” by Lady MacLeod of Raasay. Submitted by James A Campbell of Jamaica Plains, Massachusetts.
            “Horo Eileinich” also known as “’S ann tha Mo Run ‘s air a’Ghalldachd”
            “Oran do Bheinn-Eoin” by Angus R. MacDonald of New Waterford.
            “Fuadach ann Gaidheal” Submitted by James Charles MacNeil.
            “A Mhairi Bhinn, Mheall Shuileach”
            “Sine Chalum Bhain”
            “Oran Gaoil” also known as “Fear a Bhata”
            “Fifty Years Ago” by Hugh Francis MacKenzie.
            “An Cailin Dileas Donn” Submitted by Neil Morrison, Sydney Forks.
            A Lament by Alexander MacDonald (The Keppoch Bard), Antigonish County.
            “Faighnich is Freagair” A short story.
            “Cumha Aonghuis”
            “Oich u Agus H-Iuraibh Eile”
            “Oran do’n Aois” Submitted by Neil Morrison, Sydney Forks.
            “Is Braithrean Sin Uile” translation of “We Are All Brothers”. Submitted by John P Matheson, St. Ann’s.
            “Oran Cheap Breatunn” by Dan Alex MacDonald of Framboise
            “Oran an t-Amadan Ruisgt’” about a man whose love died and who was found dead outside in Beauly, Scotland.
            “Do Mhaighdeann Uasail ‘s an Eilean Fhada” also known as “A Mhairi Bhoidheach” Submitted by Neil Morrison.
            “Do Thighearna Chola” by John “The Bard” MacLean
            “Do Thighearna Og Chola” by John “The Bard” MacLean
            “Oran a Cheilidh” by Neil MacLean. Originally appeared in MacTalla.
            “Oran Teagasg nan Sgoil” by Archie Sheumais MacKenzie of Rear Christmas Island.
            “An t-Soiridh an t-Soiridh”
            “Oran Cheap Breatunn” by Dan Alex MacDonald, Framboise
            “Do dhuin’ Uaisal de Chlann-Gilleain”
            “Do Raonull Domhnullach Tighearna Staffa” by John “the Bard” MacLean. Submitted by James A. Campbell of Massachusetts.
            “Nam Faighinn Gille Ri Cheannach”
            “Marbhrann do Dh’Uilleam Labhruidh Bhail-a-Chaoilais”. Submitted by Rev. Samuel MacMillan.
            “An Cailin Dileas Donn” Submitted by Neil Morrison.
            “Oran nam Fasan” by James Campbell
            Clipping from MacTalla containing news about the sinking of ships Dorcas and Etta Stewart in the Great August Gale of 1893.
            “Oran do Mhaighstir Alasdair Domhnullach”
            “An Gaol thug Mi Og” by Neil MacLeod, Isle of Skye. Submitted by Jim Charles MacNeil, Sydney.
            “Am Bard agus a’Phoit Ti”
            Gaelic article that has been edited.
            “Uaighean Aoin Teaghlach” by John P. Matheson, St.Ann’s

            Morrison, Neil
            CA BI GSM26 · Item · 1939

            Item is a reproduction of a poem which appears in Clarsach an Doire. It concerns the social and cultural changes experienced in the Highlands within the poet's lifetime.