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  • GPLAY22
  • Item
  • 1923

Item is a play that was performed by the Scottish Catholic Society of Canada (Sydney branch) at the Lyceum. Along with the original Scottish publication, 3 copies of the play have been typed out for use by performers.

MacInnis, Joseph J.

"Ri Guaillibh a'Cheile"

  • GPLAY41
  • Item
  • c. 1930

Item is a play which asserts that Gaels must be more progressive and less focused on nostalgia.


  • GPLAY7
  • Item
  • 1966

Item is a play concerning the judgement of the actions of infamous factor Patrick Sellar during the Highland Clearances.

Am Fear a Chaill a Ghaidhlig

  • GPLAY54
  • Item
  • 1939

Item is a modified version of MacCormick's Am Fear a Chaill a Ghaidhlig and Banntrach Tharmaid modified for use by the Sydney branch of the Scottish Catholic Society of Canada.

Am Fear a Chaill a Ghaidhlig ; Calum is Bantrach Tharmaid

  • GPLAY17
  • Item
  • 1925

Item is a publication which contains two plays. The first is about a man that pretends to have forgotten his Gaelic. The man acquires Glasgow colloquial speech. The second story is a conversation between Norman's widow and Calum, who has just returned from serving with the British Army in Ireland.
There are also two typed plays by Joseph J. MacInnis which are somewhat based on and seem to consolidate MacNab's plays. MacInnis includes a booklet from the performance of the play at the Lyceum.

Am Mosgladh Mor

  • GPLAY23
  • Item
  • 1925

Item is a play concerning the adventures of dwarfs on a fictional island. It includes several original songs found at the back of the text with sol-fa notation.

Am Poidsear

  • GPLAY26
  • Item
  • 1951

Item is a translation of a humerus play about life in rural Wales.

An Ceol-Sithe

  • GPLAY6
  • Item
  • 1925

Item is a musical for children that one first prize at the National Mod in Greenock, Scotland. The musical includes a number of lullabies written in sol-fa notation.

An Coileach

  • GPLAY10
  • Item
  • 1966

Item is a play based on the story of the betrayal of Christ.

An Gaol a Bheir Buaidh

  • GPLAY19
  • Item
  • 1912

item is a play about a man who who falls on hard times but is comforted and helped out by his community.

An Reitheachail Rathail

  • GPLAY40
  • Item
  • 1929

Item is a humorous play about a couple who accuse each other of infidelity and consequently break off an engagement.

An Taigh-Osda

  • GPLAY32
  • Item
  • 1950

item is a play that is set just after the battle of Culloden, during the Pacification of the Highlands.

An t-Agh Odhar

  • GPLAY14
  • Item
  • 1931

Item is a humerus play.

An t-Agh Odhar

  • GPLAY29
  • Item
  • 19-

Item is a humerus play which appears in the periodical, An Sgeulaiche. The number within that series is not in print

An t-Airgiod-Cinn

  • GPLAY31
  • Item
  • 1950

Item is the translation of a play by Irish nationalist and folklorist, Lady Isabella Augusta Gregory.

An t-Suirghe Fhadalach

  • GPLAY35
  • Item
  • 1942?

Item is a translation of a play by Scottish playwright Gordon Wright.


  • GPLAY1
  • Item
  • 19-?

Item is a play about a girl from the island of Tiree who travels to Glasgow to attend college. The play challenges many norms including attitudes towards Gaelic and the role of women in society. It is mostly in Gaelic with some English lines.

Bodaich Rolaisteach

  • GPLAY47
  • Item
  • 19-

Item is a play performed by members of the Sydney branch of the Scottish Catholic Society. A cast list appears on the last page.

Braid air a' Bhraid

  • GPLAY3
  • Item
  • 1935

This play concerns cattle raiding and battling between the MacDonalds and the MacNeils.

Calum nam Port

  • PLAYG4
  • Item
  • 1930

Item is a play about a character and musician, Calum and his witty interactions with other characters.

MacInnis, Joseph J.

Clann Rìgh Lochlainn

  • GPLAY8
  • Item
  • 1927

Item is a play translated into Gaelic from English. It concerns the tale of the Children of the King of Norway, which have been turned into seals by their stepmother.

Cobhair ás na Speuran

  • GPLAY9
  • File
  • 1936

A play about people visiting the island of Tiree by plane.


  • GPLAY12
  • Item
  • 19-

Item is a play concerning the 1945 Jacobite rising.

Curstan Mhor

  • GPLAY50
  • Item
  • 19-

Item is a hand-written copy of Iain MacCormaig (John MacCormick)'s "Peigi Bheag", a play concerning changes to language and culture that come with industrialization.

Dealbh mo Sheanair

  • GPLAY13
  • Item
  • 1936

A humerus play based on a story told to the author heard on a visit in Inverness (Scotland).

Early Nova Scotia Highland Village Material ; Castle Bay Dramatic Association Program ; "Telephone Lines" Bulletins

File consists of:
The nova Scotia Highland Village first stationary with letterhead.
A pamphlet detailing the origin and mission statements of the Highland Village and calling for donations.

A program for the play "An Gaol a Bheir Buaidh" (The Love That Wins), presented by the Castle Bay Drama Association.

"Telephone Lines", a bulletin published by Maritime Telegraph and Telephone Company 1951-1959.

Fearann a Shinnsir

  • GPLAY57
  • Item
  • 1913

Item is a play concerning a man that leaves Scotland to live in Nova Scotia and later returns.

Fionnghal a'Phrionnsa

  • GPLAY18
  • Item
  • 1932

Item is a play based on the relationship between Flora MacDonald and Bonnie Prince Charlie.

Gaelic Song Clippings

"Oran an Tairbh" by Donald "Mór" MacDonald of Mull River
"Clann na Gaeli 'n Cogagdh 's 'n Sith" (3 copies), 1918.
"Cumha do Chaluim MacGillios" by James Ross Ferguson
"Cumha Do'n Ard Urr. Domh'll MacEadhmuinn"Lament for the death of Fr. Donald MacAdam by Vincent A. MacLellan.
"Duanag do Mhabu" by Alasdair "The Ridge" MacDonald - submitted with notes by Alex D. MacLean, Iona.
"Ged a Sheol Mi air M'Aineol" along with a letter to the editor about attitudes towards Gaelic among youth. Submission by Roderick C. MacDonald, Upper Washabuck.
"Oran do Cheap Breatuinn" by John "Og" Walker, composed while convalescing with rheumatism in a hospital in Boston.
"Luineag" by M.A. MacKinnon, Kirkwood, East Lake Ainslie.
"Soraidh Leis a'Mhaighdean a Tha Gun Ghruaim"Submitted by Roderick C. MacDonald, Upper Washabuck.
"Oran na Caillich" by Archie Sheumais MacKenzie.
"Duanag do Dharna Cogadh Mor an t-Saoghail" by Mairi Dhomhnuill Fraser, Broad Cove.
"Oran na Bochdainn" (Song of the Depression) by J.H. Jamieson.
"A'Mhuc Mhor Bhreac" Recorded from Stephen MacNeil by Norman Brown.
"Moladh Alba Nuadh" by Allan "The Ridge" MacDonald. Also included is further information about John "The Hunter" MacDonald for whom the song was composed.
"Duanag do Dh'Arasaig" by "Murchadh Aonghuis Dhuibh" (Murdock Black Angus). Submitted by "Iain Bettidh".
"Suiridhe Raoghail Mhaoil" by James Ross Ferguson, Boston. Based on play that he recently saw performed.
"An Loch Mor" by Angus Gillis
"Each Ban Dhomhnuill Ic Raonuill" by Angus Campbell, Grand Mira. The song concerns an incident in during the Fenian Raids in which people accidentally killed their draught horse. Submitted by James Campbell of Glace Bay, Angus Campbell's son.
"Oran Do'n Mhac-Talla" by Archie "Mac an Tailor" MacLellan, Rear Dunvegan (c1805-1900).
"Am Fleasgach Dualach" by M. A. MacKinnon, Kirkwood.
"An Till Thu, Leannain?" by Eoghan MacFhionghuin/Ewen MacKinnon ("Bodach a'Bhidse"), Iona. From The Casket, 1933.
Two handwritten verses of Donald "Gobha" MacLellan's "Loch Mhira".
"Caoidh" by Donald MacKinnon, of Port Hood, proceeded by an obituary.
"Clachag Bheag Na Carn". Lament for the death of Anna, wife of Neil Gillis of Broad Cove.
"Oran do America" by John "The Hunter" MacDonald.
"Oran dha Cheile"and "Taladh ar Slanuighir" by Duncan MacDonald, Sydney (2 copies)
"Cumha do Mhgr. Iain Friseal" by R. MacKenzie of Boularderie.
"Moladh Loch Ainslie" by John Walker
"Sud Mar Chaidh 'n Ceol a Dholaidh" about some hilarious antics that went on at a Mod in Cape Breton. Based on a puirt-a-beul
and the strathspey "The Haughs of Cromdale".
Anonymous song in praise of the radio show "Ceilidh Cheap Breatuinn".
"Oran a'Mhathain" concerning an encounter with a bear in McArras Brook, Antigonish County.
"Oran na h-Aoise" by Archie Sheumais MacKenzie, Rear Christmas Island.
"O Mo Chaoladh Mor a Thainig"
"Oran Aonghuis Iain" by Margaret MacLean, Boisdale.
"Tomas Seanntair" A translation of the poem "Tom O Shanter" by Robert Burns.
"Cumha Cheap Breatunn" by Alasdair "The Ridge" MacDonald.
"Aideachadh an Fhleasgaich Ghlic" by Archie Sheumas MacKenzie of Rear Christmas Island. Translation included.
"Oran na Gaidhlig" by Calum MacNeil "Calum Iain a'Mhuilleir" or Ironville.
"Buth Dhomhnuill 'ic Leoid"
"Cumha Eilean a'Cheo"
"An Ataireachd Ard", dated 1943
"Anna Lauri" translated by the late Michael MacDonald
"Mo Nighean Donn a Cornaig"
"Ola an Truisg", dated 1942
Quote from a poem by Malcolm MacAskill of Harris, in praise of Rev. Roderick MacLeod in Ontario. Roderick was the song of John Morrison, "Gobha na h-Earradh. The poem was copied from MacTalla. Dated 1942

Gaelic songs

  • MG 6.22
  • Collection
  • 1893 - c1950

Collection consists of Gaelic songs and music, clippings and a scrapbook. Each file collection is prefaced by an index of the songs.

Gaol air a Dhearbhadh

  • GPLAY20
  • Item
  • 19-

Item is a play set in the Highlands of Scotland that concerns a young man trying to secure himself land so that he may marry and start a family.

Katie is Coming Home! : 1 Act Play

  • GPLAY52
  • Item
  • 19-

Item is scene 1 of a play that has been typed out. It concerns a woman who returns from Boston and has "forgotten" her Gaelic.

Minutes of the Society and Correspondence

Item is a book of minutes for the meetings of St. Kentigern (Sydney) branch of the Scottish Catholic Society of Canada. Also included are financial record, correspondence and the picture of Sister Marguerite Bourgeoys. Issues brought up in the writings include: the development of the Gaelic College in St. Anns; the staging of plays as fundraisers; the relationship with the society and Fr. Nearing; and efforts to have a Gaelic broadcast despite the fact the the Canadian government forbade it.

MacKinnon, J. J.

Muinntir a'Chuain

  • GPLAY24
  • Item
  • 1950

Item is translation of aplay by Irish playwright John Millington Synge. it is set in the Aran Islands and deals with people's struggle with raging seas.

Na Glagairan

  • GPLAY48
  • Item
  • 1933

Item is a three-act comedy that was performed by the Sydney branch of the Scottish Catholic Society at a St. Andrew's concert.

Na Raithean

  • GPLAY34
  • Item
  • 1925

Item is a musical for children. Songs are written at the end of the text in sol-fa notation.

Peigi Bheag ; Domhnull Mor agus Cailean Taillear

  • GPLAY25
  • Item
  • 1925

Item is a play about a shoemaker in rural Scotland who loses money when people start ordering cheap shoes from Glasgow. The second part of the book is a dialogue.

Posadh Seònaid

  • GPLAY44
  • Item
  • c. 1927

Item is a play concerning the wedding of an older woman.

Pòsadh Móraig

  • GPLAY27
  • Item
  • 1916

Item is a play about a girl who finally gets married after a long betrothal. It explores Highland society and values as well as featuring the réiteach, or Gaelic betrothal custom.


  • GPLAY36
  • Item
  • 1921

Item is a play including a milling song composed by the author.

Reiteach Moraig

  • GPLAY37
  • Item
  • 1922

Item is the first play to be staged at a Royal National Mod. It was performed by the Glasgow Gaelic Choir at the Mod in Stirling in 1909.
It concerns the Gaelic betrothal custom, the réiteach.

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