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Moxham Castle

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Moxham Castle

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Moxham Castle

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First World War Officers

  • 97-211-28049
  • Item
  • 1919

Item is a photograph of four medical personnel officers inside Moxham's Castle, stationed there during World War 1 when the castle functioned as a military hospital. The photo was taken in 1919 and shows them sat around a large desk facing the camera.

Military (General) 1915

  • SB 125B
  • Item
  • 1985-1998

Item is a scrapbook that features newspaper clippings related to various military activities between the years 1914 and 1986. Included in the scrapbook are the following clippings: "Magnificent Moxham's Castle in Sydney used as a convalescent hospital in WW1" (November 9, 1985); The Army Lowdown on Colour (n.d.); Copy of the Military Service Act, 1917 (n.d.); "A Comrade Remembered : "Letters to home from France in World War I" (November 7, 1990); "Lest We Forget: Archibald Andrew MacLellan, Pte. MacDougall, Donald Andrew MacLellan, Angus MacFarlane" (November 7, 1990); "Served their country well" (November 10, 1990); "Legion honours war hero: John Bernard Croak" (July 5, 1996); and "Nursing sister honours vets: Wartime bravery remembered at ceremony" (November 17, 1995).

Moxham Castle, Sydney

  • 77-1240-1374
  • Item
  • 1912

Item is a photograph of Moxham Castle in Sydney from the souvenir album "Souvenir of Cape Breton."

Moxham Castle: The Beaton Institute Holdings

  • Item
  • 2002

Item is a series of notes concerning the Beaton Institute's Holdings related to Moxham Castle. These notes include information about the castle's use as a military hospital during World War 1.

Moxham's Castle

  • SB 133
  • Item
  • 1914-1966

Item is a scrapbook composed of clippings pertaining to Moxham's Castle, Sydney. The included clippings were published between the dates June 11, 1914 and April 26, 1966 in the Chronicle Herald and the Cape Breton Post and provide information about the castle's conversion to a World War 1 military hospital and its destruction in 1966.

Moxham's Castle - Once a Proud Structure

  • Item
  • 1993

Item is a report titled "Moxham's Castle - Once a Proud Structure," written by Wanda Walker. It provides a history of the castle, including a brief coverage on the period of time during World War 1 when it was used as a military hospital. Much of the information within the report was gathered from an interview with Gabrielle Walker.

Sydney Harbour

  • 77-1272-1406
  • Item
  • 20th century

Item is a photograph of Sydney Harbour from the Moxham's residence from the souvenir album "Nova Scotia."