Nova Scotia Historical Newspapers

Through the autumn and winter of 2009-2010, a trial newspaper digitization project sponsored by Libraries Nova Scotia was carried out in Halifax at Nova Scotia Archives, and in Sydney at the Beaton Institute and Unama’ki College, Cape Breton University. Funding from the Nova Scotia Community Access Program (C@P) helped to support the work of scanning technicians who completed over 19,000 pages over a seven month period.

A second installment of the project was carried out in 2011-2012 by the same partners with the addition of papers from Cape Breton Regional Library. Selection criteria for the newspapers included the condition of the papers, page size (small enough to fit current equipment) and scarcity of the issues.

The Beaton Institute contributed the following newspapers to the project:


The Nova Scotia Gleaner, 1929

Billa Na Queg, 1964

Micmac News, 1965-1991

Selection of Historical Newspapers

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