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              25th Battalion "B" Co.
              Item · 8 August, 1918

              Item is the nominal roll "B" for the 25th Battalion at the Battle of Ameion on August 8th, 1918. The men listed each fall under one of the following designations: Headquarters; 5th Platoon; 6th Platoon; 7th Platoon; and 8th Platoon.

              Item · 1 January, 1940

              Item is a series of notes pertaining to the 94th Argyll Highlanders and their role as one of the First Canadian Militia Units in Cape Breton. The notes also detail how the group was absorbed into various troops overseas in World War 1. This piece was published in the Sydney Post Record.

              Celtic Festivals
              Notes: Celtic Festivals · Item · 1994-1995

              Item consists of photocopied material relating to the Pan Celtic Internation Council and Festival.

              History of Marble Mountain
              CA BI Notes - History of Marble Mountain · Item · 1987

              Item consists of three photocopied news articles on the history of marble mountain. "History of Marble Mountain" The Oran, 26 August 1987. "History of Marble Mountain - Continued from Last Week" 2 September 1987. "History of Marble Mountain - Continued from Last Week" 9 September 1987.

              Military WW1 Abbreviations

              Item is a set of notes that explains many of the abbreviations used in World War 1 documents.

              Item · 2002

              Item is a series of notes concerning the Beaton Institute's Holdings related to Moxham Castle. These notes include information about the castle's use as a military hospital during World War 1.

              Notes: Cape Breton Fiddlers
              Notes: Cape Breton Fiddlers · Item

              Item consists of material relating to the Cape Breton Fiddlers' Association, including correspondence and sheet music.

              Notes: Celtic Colours
              Notes: Celtic Colours · Item · 1997 - 2012

              Item consists of various programs and pamphlets for the Celtic Colours International Festival.

              Notes: Fiddlers
              Notes: Fiddlers · Item · 1943 - 1948

              Item consists of two photocopied pages from the article "Violin Players I Have Met" written by J. J. MacInnis for The Canadian-American Gael, Vol. 1.1 1943-1944 and Vol. 2 May 1948. The article highlights fiddlers from the Cape Breton region.

              Item · ca. 1960

              Item is a set of notes pertaining to the history of the 94th Argyll Highlanders Unit and their involvement in World War 1, along with a clipped photo of their crest. These notes were written by William Chirgwin.

              WW1 C.B.Units
              Item · 1914-1918

              Item is of a list of units that recruits from Cape Breton enlisted in during World War 1, from 1914-1918.