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Port Hawkesbury (NS)

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Port Hawkesbury (NS)

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Eastern Beacon

  • Newspaper 92
  • File
  • 1879-1889

The Eastern Beacon was established in 1879 and was published on Wednesdays. The newspaper consisted of four 23" x 33" pages and cost $1.25 per annum. J. A. Cogswell was both the editor and publisher of the Eastern Beacon.

Hawkesbury Bulletin

  • Newspaper 1
  • File
  • 1889-[1910?]

Gertrude E. N. Tratt: "The Bulletin, an Independent Liberal weekly, had originated in 1890. Its publisher was J.J. Williams. It had 18" x 24" pages at first but doubled the number during its first decade. It cost $1.50 per annum and had a circulation varying from 1,200 to 1,500."

"Hoag Engines"

  • CA BI 77-618-752
  • Item
  • ca. 1900

Item is a photograph of the "Hoag" engine, fast starter, which ran between George's River and Port Hawkesbury.

James Pringle, St. George’s Channel

  • CA BI MG 12.181
  • Fonds
  • 1833-1892

Papers include correspondence, business receipts, legal documents, and deeds:

a. Two letters from C.F. Harrington, MLA, Arichat, regarding politics in the area, a legal action taken by Pringle, and a public meeting regarding building a road to Black River, 1841, 1850.
b. Correspondence regarding debt owed by Hugh McDonald, Big Cove, 1846.
c. Payment of accounts, sale of cattle, 1860.
d. Correspondence regarding James Pringle's lawsuit against Chandler, 1867.
e. Correspondence from Donald McKenzie, teacher in Victoria County, whose salary was 38 pounds per year, 1865.
f. Correspondence from John V. Flynn, MLA, Halifax re purchase of spring Fife wheat at 7/6 bushel, 1870.
g. Correspondence from Hart & Ingraham, Port Hawkesbury regarding purchase of leather, 1870.
h. Correspondence from Tina J. Pringle to her brother George relaying experiences of Cape Bretoners in Boston, 1892.
i. Bill of goods, sale between James Cochran and Ellen Murray, 1855.
j. Correspondence regarding interest on account, 1871.
k. General bill of affairs, from William MacKay to James Pringle, making mention of Captain Wolfe, 1852.
l. Correspondence, 1842.

a. Business receipts of James Pringle, 1833-1874. Some material does not contain discernable dates.
b. Accounts of James Pringle with John McLean, 1845-1861.
c. Accounts of James Pringle, 1865-1866.
d. Account of McDonald Murray with James Pringle, 1843-1857.
e. Account of sales of cattle, sheep and butter to Mr. James Pringle, 1859.
f. Account of James Pringle with M.J.T. MacNeil, River Bourgeois, 1877-1880.

a. Warrant sworn out for arrest of Duncan Murray for theft of violin from James Pringle, 1863.
b. Notice of public meeting of the ratepayers, Section 23, Richmond County for the purpose of electing trustees, 1864.

a. Agreement between the Province of Nova Scotia and James Pringle for road repair between his farm and that of William Urquharts, 1854. Includes envelope.
b. Statement regarding the settlement of debt of Dougald Cameron “Dougaldson” to James Pringle, 1863.
c. Indenture between James Pringle and Robert Hill of Black River, Esquire Executor of the last will and testament of John Ross of Scot’s River, St. George’s Channel, 1864.
d. Draft of Indenture between James and Sarah Pringle to their son, James Jr., for land at St. George’s Channel, 1865.

Pringle, James

John and Neil Williams, Mrs. Hugh Gillis, Mrs. O'Brien

Item is an audio recording of Gaelic song selections as performed by various informants.

O'Brien, Mrs. Port Hawkesbury "Ho ro mo bheauty..." (Local composition)

O'Brien, Mrs. Port Hawkesbury "Óran sgriob..."

Williams, John and Neil Melford, Inverness County (N.S.) "Óran a 'Bhàta"

Williams, John and Neil Melford, Inverness County (N.S.) "Hiu oro 's na hiu o, gur tu mo nighean donn bhoidheach"

Gillis, Mrs. Hugh Iona, Victoria County "Ho ro mo leannan, mo shuil 'ad dhéidh"

Gillis, Mrs. Hugh Iona, Victoria County "Song for soldiers sent to Transvaal"

Gillis, Mrs. Hugh Iona, Victoria County Song composed by the singer

Shaw, John

Nova Scotia Pulp Mill

  • 94-678-25193
  • Item
  • c.1960

Item is a photograph of the Nova Scotia pulp mill under construction.

Abbass Studios Ltd.

Port Hawkesbury Bulletin Printing Press

  • CA BI 76-14
  • Item
  • ca. 1900

Item is a photograph of the printing equipment for the Port Hawkesbury Bulletin. Identified from left to right are L. Ernest Philpott, C. Kate McLeod and Ernest Williams.

St. Joseph's Church

  • 94-1262-25777
  • Item
  • 1994

Item is a photograph of St. Joseph's Church in Port Hawkesbury, Nova Scotia.

Prendergast, Paul

The Eastern Journal

  • Newspaper 47
  • File
  • 1889-1911

Gertrude E. N. Tratt: "The earliest of the predecessors of the Bulletin was the Eastern Journal, which began as a weekly in 1889. J. C. Bourinot was editor and publisher and the Journal was Liberal in sympathy. Its subscribers usually numbered about 1,000 and paid $1 p.a. (per annum). It contained four 20" x 26" pages. About 1910 it merged into the Journal-Bulletin."