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Archie Dan MacLellan and Lauchie MacLellan: Gaelic Songs

MacLellan, Archie Dan

Stories about Raonall Mor Mac Ailean Oig
Story about "Sithichean" (fairies) in Isle of Cann, Inner Hebrides
The French boat in P.E.I.
Oran an T-Seathaich
Puirt-a-beul - words to Miss MacLeod's Reel
"Gillean nan Drobhair"
Traditions concerning Miss MacLeod's Reel "Ceann Locha Morair"
First Pioneers' voyage from Scotland
"Murderer on ship tested with coin"
"No successful wedding without a fight..."
"Bocain" and connected beliefs...
"Spiorad an Drobhair"
Transportation by will...
"'Tha diofar math eadar na mic..."
"Priest and minister in River Denys..."
"Song about the burning of the jail at Inverness (N.S.)"

MacLellan, Lauchie (Dunvegan)

"Bheir mi o ro hoireann o"
"Sealladh nam mor-bheannan"
"An Gille Glas"
"Oran an T-Seathaich"
Saying from Gaelic Calendar
"'S e mo run an t-oigear og..."
"Illean bithibh sunndach..."

Beaton, David

Killer whales at Broad Cove

Shaw, John

CBI Radio "MacTalla an Eilean" Nov. 11, 1978

David MacIsaac; George MacInnis; Ali Bennett; Cliff Morias (Halifax - Big Pond) Violin, Piano & Guitars

Donnie Cambpbell (Sydney (N.S.) "A Young and Single Sailor"

Kay MacDonald (New Waterford) Gaelic Story

MacDonald Sisters (Scotland) Puirt-a-beul

Carl MacKenzie & Doug MacPhee Violin & Piano Selections

Sons of Skye (Big Pond (N.S.) Guitar Selections

Alastair MacDonald (Scotland) "Drumossie Moor"

Kay MacDonald (New Waterford) Gaelic Lesson

Winnie Chafe & Doug MacPhee (Glace Bay (N.S.) & New Waterford) Violin & Piano Selections

MacDonald Sisters (Scotland) "Hug oreann oro gur toigh leam fhein thu"

Kay MacDonald (New Waterford) Gaelic Story

Kenzie MacNeil (Sydney (N.S.) "The Little Beggar Man"

Beaton Family (Mabou (N.S.) Violin & Piano Selections

CHER Radio Failte 's Furan

Fitzgerald, Winston, Sydney, N.S - Violin selections

Antigonish Legion Junior Band, Antigonish, N.S - Bagpipe selections

MacPherson, John Alex, Sydney, N.S - Recitation of poem

Chisholm, Angus, Margaree Forks, N.S - Violin selections

Na H-Oiganeach, Scotland - Mo run geal dileas

MacLean, Alexander, Iona, N.S - Piano selections

Fitzgerald, Winston, Sydney, N.S - Violin selections

Invergordon Distillery Pipe Band Drummers, Scotland - Bagpipe selections

Gillis, Lauchie, Grand Mira, N.S - Se'n gille dubh as aille...

Muise, Arthur, Cheticamp, N.S - Violin selections

Na H-Oiganeach, Scotland - Puirt-a-Beul

Gillis, Lauchie, Grand Mira, N.S - A' Mhairi mhin mheall-shuileach...

Chafe, Winnie, Glace Bay, N.S - Violin selections

Edinburgh City Police Band, Scotland - Bagpipe selection

Gillis, Wilfred, Antiognish, N.S - Violin selections

Ross, Calum, Scotland - Failte air Eilean Sgitheanach

Gillis, Angus Allen, Southwest Margaree, N.S - Violin selections

MacLean, Joe, Sydney, N.S - Violin selections

CHER Radio

CHER Radio Failte 's Furan

Fitzgerald, Winston, Sydney, N.S- Violin selections

Antigonish Legion Junior Band - Antigonish, N.S - Bagpipe selections

Ross, Calum, Scotland - O theid mi fhein

MacDonald, Barbara, Detroit - Piano selections

Campbell, Colin, Scotland - Accordion Selections

Five MacDonald Fiddlers, Detroit - Violin selections

Red Hackle Pipe Band, Scotland - Bagpipe selections

MacLean, Joe, Sydney, N.S - Violin selections

MacNeil, Dan, Sydney, N.S - Mu'n cuairt an drama...

Fitzgerald, Winston, Sydney, N.S - Violin selections

MacLeod, Pipe Major Donald, Scotland - Bagpipe selections

MacInnis, Dan Joe, Sydney, N.S - Violin selections

Campbell, Colin, Scotland - Accordian Selections

MacNeil, Dan, Sydney, N.S - Ged a'sheoil mi air m'aineoil...

LeBlanc, Paddy, Sydney, N.S - Violin selections

MacLean, Joe, Sydney, N.S - Violin selections

Gillies, Alasdair, Scotland - A' Chaileag Bhuaintearach...

Royal Scots Dragoon Guards, Scotland - Abide With Me - Bagpipe selection

Scottish Singers, Scotland - Puirt-a-Beul

Royal Scots Dragoon Guards, Scotland - Bagpipe selection

Fitzgerald, Winston, Sydney, N.S - Violin selections

CHER Radio

Ceilidh in Barra

Item is an audio recording taped in Scotland, October, 1973 at a Ceilidh in Barra - names of performers not available

Recording summary:

                   Violin selections - Marches, strathspeys, reels

Bagpipe selections

"Teannaibh dluth 's togaibh fonn" - Lament

"Muilean nam Mor-Bheann"

"Caidil cha dean mi..." - Love song

Bagpipe selections

Violin selections - LeBlanc, Paddy & MacInnis, Dan Joe - Strathspeys and reels

"Eilean uaine a' cheo..." - Patriotic song

Puirt-a-beul - Puirt-a-beul

Macfarlane, J. Malcolm

Ceol na Gaidhlig Gaelic Music and Poetry

Item is a recording of recitations of a selections of Gaelic songs and poems.

Douglas, Nan - Ceol na Gaidhlig, Gaelic music and poetry: Recitation, "Am faigh a' Ghaidhlig bas?"

Thomson, Derick - A short history of Gaelic in Scotland

Grant, Angus - Violin selections

Thomson, Derick - Recitation

Galbraith, Carol - Gaelic lament

Douglas, Nan - Anonymous 17th or 18th Century song

MacNeil, Flora - Anonymous 17th or 18th Century song

Thomson, Derick - Extracts from "Birlinn" (The Galley of Clanranald)

MacNeil, Flora - "Fliuch an oidhche..."

Galbraith, Carol - "Iain Ghlinn Cuach"

Douglas, Nan and Thomson, Derick - Recitation

MacLeod, Pipe-major Donald - Bagpipe selections

MacLeod, Pipe-major Donald - Bagpipe selections

Caimbeul, Seumas - Puirt-a-Beul (mouth music)

Grant, Angus - Violin selections

Douglas, Nan - Recitation Poem "Fios thun a Bhaird"

Thomson, Derick - Recitation Poem "Spiorad a' Charthannais"

Galbraith, Carol - "Nuair a bha mi og..."

Douglas, Nan - "Bana-Ghaidheal"

Douglas, Nan - "Ar Blar Catha"

Thomson, Derick - "Clann-nighean an Sgadain"

Douglas, Nan - "Do Shean-Bhoireannach"

Thomson, Derick - "Latha Feille"

MacDonald, Kay

Dunvegan and Big Pond Gaelic Songs

MacIssac, Alex John (Dunvegan, N.S) - Song about the arrival of a boat from P.E.I. And explanation of song

MacIssac, Alex John - "Sine Chaluim Bhain"

MacIssac, Alex John - "An Domhnallach Urramach"

MacLellan, Archie Dan (Dunvegan, N.S) - "Oran na Muice" & explanation of song

MacLellan, Archie Dan - "Dh'fhalbh na gillean grinn le damh"

MacLellan, Archie Dan - "Oran do'n uisge-beatha"
Song about burning of the jail in Inverness, N.S
Oran na Bainnse"

MacNeil, John K. (Big Pond, N.S) - "An Duine anns a Sgoth agus an Currac"

MacNeil, John K. - "Oran an Eich"

MacNeil, Mrs. Josie (Big Pond, N.S) - "A null am monadh..."

MacNeil, Mrs. Josie - "Coma leam buntata charach..."

MacNeil, Mrs. Josie - "Bha mi air banais..."

MacNeil, Mrs. Josie - "Peigi Raonaill 'ic Thearlaich..."

MacNeil, Mrs. Josie - "Cairistiona Chaimbeul..."

MacNeil, Mrs. Josie - "Johnny Cope..."

MacNeil, Mrs. Josie - "Tha teine anns a'bhaille an diugh..."

MacNeil, Mrs. Josie - "A Mhoraig am bheil thu ann..."

MacNeil, Mrs. Josie - "Cha sheas poca falamh..."

Shaw, John

Fifty-Second Mod Aberdeen 1955

  • MODSB12
  • Item
  • 1955

Item is a publication by an Comunn Gaidhealach which contains two puirt-a-beul songs prescribed for senior choral competition at the National Mod in Scotland.

Gaelic Language, Culture and Music in Cape Breton

Item is an audio recording of various informants discussing Gaelic culture and identity as well as a number of songs and musical performances.

Norman MacDonald Sydney (N.S.) Introduction - re Scottish language, culture, music in C.B.

Buddy MacMaster, Winnie Chafe, Doug MacPhee Cape Breton Violing & piano music: reels

Norman MacDonald Discusses Scottish evictions and emigrations

Rise & Follies of C.B. Sydney (N.S.) Humorous satire of C.B. History

Archie Alex MacKenzie Halifax Discusses strong family ties in C.B.,
MacKenzie genealogy, his trip to Barra

Mary Margaret MacLean Whycocomagh Song: "tir a' ghuail"

    Discusses family entertainment

Cliff Morais Big Pond (N.S.) Born in Loch Lomond parent spoke French, his interest in gaelic music

Sons of Skye Big Pond (N.S.) Biolin: Strathspeys & reels

Norman MacDonald Use of Gaelic in C.B. & N>S.; political intervention needed

Archie Alex MacKenzie Gaelic his first language; home & school environment; future of gaelic

John Archy MacKenzie Belle Cote Gaelic culture growing, some fears for the language

North Shore Singers North Shore "He mo leannan...."

Buddy MacMaster North Shore "A rovin' we must go..."

John Archy MacKenzie Future of Gaelic

Donald MacLean Toronto (Lewis) Accordian Selections (from Mod in Toronto)

Quartet from Toronto "Mi Seo 'nam Aonar"

    Description of Mo's participants - soloists, choirse etc. Why people from different areas are interested in Gaelic

Scotia Sisters Winnipeg Puirt-a-beul

Margaret MacLeod Winnipeg (Lweis) Children have no Gaelic; they are easy to teach

John Skiff "Eilean Scalpaidh, na Hearradh"

Ruth Sutherland Toronto "Illerin ho ro bobha ho..."

Lloyd Leland Newfoundland Gaelic learner; married a Gaelic speaker; all their children speak gaelic

Joyce MacRae "Oran do dh'lain Bhreac MacLeoid"

Christine Hauser "Ochoin a righ, nach e mi tha muladach"

Archie Alex MacKenzie Song for the Mod

Macdonald, Norman

Gaelic Songs and Stories

Item is an audio recording of Gaelic songs and stories told by MacDonald, Duncan, MacKinnon, Donald Joseph, and MacDonald, Mrs. Archie. Taped for the School of Scottish Studies, Edinburgh, Scotland.

"Mac Righ Lachlann" (Duncan MacDonald) (Sgeulachd) Note: This is ending of the story - See halfway point in recording for beginning (originally side B).
"Blar na h-Eaglaise Brice" (Donald J. MacKinnon)
"Nochd gu fuar i..." (Mrs. Archie MacDonald) (Milling song)
"Nigheaneneo-bhan aig Domhunull Phiobair" (Mrs. Archie MacDonald) (Puirt-a-beul)
"Ruidhleadh mo nighean donn..." (Mrs. Archie MacDonald) Port-a-beul
"Thug mi'n oidhche ged a b'fhad e..." (Donald J. MacKinnon) (Song--Lament)
"Di-sathurna ghabn mi mulad..." (Mrs. Archie MacDonald) (Milling song)
"Braighe Loch Iall" (Donald J. MacKinnon) (Song--Lament)
"Banarach a chunna' mi'n raoir..." (Mrs. Archie MacKinnon) (Milling song)
"An Coure Riabhach" (Donald J. MacKinnon) (Song--Lament)
"'S lapach muladach a tha mi..." (Mrs. Archie MacDonald) (Milling song)
"Mac Righ Lachlann" (Duncan MacDonald) Note: The sgeulachd begins here but is incomplete - See beginning of recording for remainder (originally side A).
"Aireamh muinntir Fhainn is Dhubhain" (Duncan MacDonald) (Sgeulachd)
""Laoidh Fhraoich" (Duncan MacDonald)
"Laoidh a' Choin Buibh" (Duncan MacDonald) Song
"Sgeulachd an Dithneabaich" (Sgeulachd)

Retaped by the School of Scottish Studies. Courtesy of Mrs. Mary MacDonald (wife of Fionn MacColla)

University of Edinburgh School of Scottish Studies

Gaelic Songs and Stories with Peter Rankin

Item is an audio recording of a selection of songs and stories performed by Peter Rankin, Troy (N.S).

Song taught by his grandfather Aonghas Mor Dhonnachaidh Bhig, Sight Point, Inverness County
Puirt-a-Beul and Diddling
Song composed by Neil MacPhee for his nephew Danny Macintyre who worked in Inverness mine
Mick(?) Aonghas Alasdair Bhain air Cul na Beinne
Story about Uncle John
Angan Beag
Seinn o...seinn o

MacEachern, Elizabeth

Gaelic Songs in Glenorchy, Scotland

Item is a recording of various Gaelic singers in Glenorchy, Scotland. Some singers are unidentified.

Hector Macandrew - Violin selections

Ronald Macdonald - Duan (Puirt-a-Beul)
Fail i ill o ill
Alasdair an Duin
Alltan Dubh

Gaelic Singers (Unidentified) - Fagail Lismore
Gaelic Song
Nighean Donn a' Chul Reidh
Eilean Uidhist mo Ghraidh
Morag a' Dunbheagan
Balaich an iasgach

Rankin, Fr. John Angus

Gaelic Songs with Norman Kennedy and Rosemary Hutchinson

Item is an audio recording of Norman Kennedy and Rosemary Huthinson performing Gaelic songs and puirt-a-beul. It was recorded at the home of Tic and Emily Butler, Mira (N.S)

Mo nighean donn na meall-shuilean
Mo chridhe trom 's duilich leam...
O theid mi, gun teid...gu innis nam bo
S o la la o a la al di um
Cairistiona Chaimbeul
Muilean Dubh
Thoir a nall leannan ugam
Domhall beag
A' Pheigi a' ghraidh 's thu dh'fhag fo leon 's an t-am
Nuair a'chaidh sinn sios air bhord
Ho ro hu a hu ill o
Latha dhomh 's mi ... Eigheach o
Bha mi'n oidhche air an airigh
S muladach mi, o hi a bho
S muladach mi o hi a bho
Yesterday evening, feasgar an raoir...

Kennedy, Norman

Hector MacMillan and Joe Neil MacNeil

Item is an audio recording of Hector MacMillan (Big Pond, N.S) and Joe Neil MacNeil (Middle Cape, N.S) performing Gaelic songs and stories.

MacNeil, Joe Neil - "Fear a 'chota liath-ghlais"

MacNeil, Joe Neil - Possible Gaelic words to "Annie is my Darling"

MacMillan, Hector - "Cuir 'sa chiste mhoir mi"

MacNeil, Joe Neil - "Mo Dhomhnall mor foghainteach..."

MacNeil, Joe Neil - Story concerning local songs and words of songs

MacMillan, Hector - "Ho ro 's toigh leam fhin thu..."

MacMillan, Hector - Puirt-a-beul

MacMillan, Hector - Come Frenchman, sit into your hunger"

MacMillan, Hector - Song for Robert Borden...

MacMillan, Hector - "Fionnlagh Fireannach"

MacNeil, Joe Neil -"Francis Cam Whycocomagh"

MacMillan, Hector - Gaelic rhyme - "A' Cholainn seo..."

MacNeil, Joe Neil - "Am Bard MacIlleathain agus Dughall BhreacTirisdeach..."

MacMillan, Hector - "Latha na Breitheanas..."

MacNeil, Joe Neil - "An leth-ghlic..."

MacMillan, Hector - "A 'chruinneag a' chruidh"

Shaw, John

Hugh Dan MacDonnell; Sgeulachdan and Songs

Conall Ruddh nan Cath (Conall Cra-Bhuidhe)

Ranonull MacCailean og (Coluinn gun cheann)

Theid mi le m'bhalachan

"Am Muilean Dubh" (puirt-a-beul)

Short saying in between.

Interviews about stone-Co-operative.

Whole of track B tape runs out.

MacDonnell, Hughie Dan

North Shore Gaelic Songs

Item is an audio recording of Gaelic singers from the Dunvegan and North Shore areas.

Beaton, David (Broadcove, N.S) - Unsuccessful moonshine... (Story)

Beaton, David - First electric shock treatment of rheumatism in Broadcove

MacLellan, Lauchie - "Moch 'sa mhadainn rinn mi gluasad..."

MacLellan, Lauchie (Dunvegan) - "Nighean donn a'bhreacain uaine..."

Shaw, John; MacLeod, Malcolm A. - "'S e mo cheist..."

Shaw, John; MacLeod, Malcolm A.

MacLeod, Malcolm A. - "Ho ro fear mo ruin thu..."

Shaw, John - "An teid thu leam a ribhinn og..."

Shaw, John - "Fidhler an ceann an drochaid..."

MacLeod, Malcolm A. - (Skir Dhu, N.S) Port a beul

MacLeod, Malcolm A. - Port a beul

MacLeod, Malcolm A. - Miss MacLeod's Reel

MacLeod, Malcolm A. - "Mo luaidh a' chruinneag"

MacLeod, Malcolm A. - "Thuirt an gille 's tu mo laochan..."

MacLeod, Malcolm A. - Song by "Lazarus" with history

Shaw, John - (North Shore, N.S) "Caidil thusa 's gheobh thu fheidh..."

Shaw, John - "An cluinn thu, leannain, an cluinn thu..."

Shaw, John - "Ho ro ho goraidh o..."

Shaw, John - "A nighean donn an t-sugraidh..."

Shaw, John - "Chunna mi lair dhonn aig Seumas..."

Shaw, John - "Mo nighean donn ghuanaich..."

MacLean, Alex (Big Baddeck, N.S) - "Am minister MacLeoid..."

Shaw, John

Oidhche Leis na Baird, Sydney Academy

Item is an audio recording of the Gaelic Society annual Scottish Concert, "Oidhche Leis na Baird", Sydney Academy, April 27, 1973

New Waterford Gaelic Chorus - Illean o eilean Illean i

New Waterford Gaelic Chorus - A mhairi dhubh

Chisholm, Cameron - Violin selections

Xavier Children's Gaelic Chorus - Posadh Piuthair Iain Bhain

Xavier Children's Gaelic Chorus - Puirt-a-Beul

Xavier Children's Gaelic Chorus - O nach till thu ruinn a ris...

Mabou Dancers - Dancing of eight-hand reel

Chisholm, Archie Neil - Brief talk on Margaree Chapter of Gaelic Society

Southwest Margaree Gaelic Chorus -na Cnuic 's na Glinn

Southwest Margaree Gaelic Chorus - Morag o' Dunbheagan

Chafe, Mrs. Winnie - Violin selections

Chafe, Mrs. Winnie - Violin selections

Xavier Children's Gaelic Chorus - Gaelic play

Campbell, Jamie - Bagpipe selections

Scotsville Gaelic Chorus - A' Chuthag

Scotsville Gaelic Chorus - Two Gaelic songs

MacDougall, Mike - Violin selections

MacDougall, Mike - Violin selections

MacMaster, Minnie - Stepdancing

MacDonnell, George - Bagpipe selections

Boisdale Junior Gaelic Singers - Ho ro mo nighean donn bhoidheach...

Cameron, Mae - Mo Mhathair

Day, Hilda

Puirt-a-Beul and Gaelic Songs: Donnie MacLeod

Item is an audio recording of Donnie Macleod singing Gaelic songs and Puirt-a-Beul. Includes:

O tha mo spiorad cionail
Mo Chailinn Og
Scottish ballad
Corra ghritheach Dhonn
Braigh Lochiel
Chi mi'n tir 's an robh mi nam balach
Contemporary English song
Traditional Lewis song

Macdonald, Norman

Puirt-a-Beul with Joe Neil MacNeil

Item is an audio recording of sgeulachdan and puirt-a-beul recited by Joe Neil MacNeil with one story from Dan MacNeil

MacNeil, Joe Neil - "Gille mor an tuathanaich" (sgeulachdan)

MacNeil, Dan - "Naigheachdan mu dheidhinn Alasdair MacCoinnich..."

MacNeil, Joe Neil - (Puirt a Beul) :

"Gur e teaghlach an fhidhleir"
"Ho ro far am biodh am 'ball'"
"Mairearaid mhor is lurach orra..."
"Feileag Bheag" (The Kilt is my Delight"
"Am ball a bh'anns an Oban" (The Ball that was in Oban)
"Bodachan a' Mhirean" (High Road to Linton"
"Ruidhle mo nighean donn..."
"Bideag air MacThomais" (Thompson's Son Wears a Dirk)
"Cuir 's a chiste mhor mi..."
"'Nuair dh 'eugas Mac 'Ic Iain..."
"Sud ort fhein, a'Mhic Iain Mhor, Sud an gaol a bh'agam ort..."
Mo ghille dubh..." (A man's a man for a' that)
"Brochan lom"
"Sioram sios, sioram suas..."
"Sud a rud a rinn thu, Seo a rud a rinn thu, Seo a rud a rinn thu..."
"Calum fidhlear 's Calum Tailleir.."
"Mac Iain Ghasda..." (Highland Laddie)
"Bheir deoch bhainne dh'an fhidhleir Thaillear"
"Mar a' fighe s'fhearr leam..."
"Ho ro cha teid mi tuille ann..." (In Back of the Change House)
"Domhnall a' tighinn 'gam thilleadh..." (Jackie Laddin)
"Domhnall gobhar 's boinnead air..." (Don Side)
"'S E Morag 's Domgnall..."
"Gillean an Drobhair: A h-uile dad ni mi 's fheudair dhomh innsidh..." (Drover Lads)
"Seumas MacSuain 's a leannan 's an ti..."
"Cha tig a latha theid mi dhachaidh gus faigh mi na caoraich..." (Jenny Dang the Weaver)
"Bhean a' chota bhain, bhean a chota bhuidhe..."
"Cota mor Ealasaid..."
"C'aite bheil thu...caora chrom.." (Ewe with the Crooked Horn)
"Tha laogh anns a..."
"Tha thu maol a ghaol a bhodaich..."
"Mhorag bheag nigh'n Mhurchaidh an T-Saor..."
"An oidhche bha na gobhar againn.." (The night we had the Goats)
"Banais Riobhach Mairi an Dotair..." (John Robertson's Rant)
"Slainnte an Taillear Bharraidh..."
"Baille Iain Raoghnuill.."
"Crodh laoigh nam bodach Gun feur gun fodar..."
"A mhairisteach an ogha..."
"O's aighearach a nochd a laidh leat..."
"Muileann dubh..."
"Ruidhle na coileach dubha's dannsa na tunnagan"

MacDonald, Kay

Scottish Gaelic Singer

Item is an audio recording of singer or singers recorded singing Gaelic songs and puirt-a-beul in Scotland.

A ceilidh in Scotland
Iain a luaidh nach pos thu
O Eilean Leodhais
An teid thu leam a'ribhinn mhaiseach
Ochoin a ribhinn o ro
Deannain sugradh leis a nigh'n dubh
Nighean donn mo ribhinn og
An tir a dh'fhag mi...
Duthaich MhicLeoid
Clachan mo ghaoil
Eilean taobh a'fhraoich
Eilean a'Fhraoich
Eilean mo ghaoil
A hu hi o hu thogadh
Bagpipe selections
N'uair a' dh'fhag mi... Duthaich mo chridh
Leis a Lurgainn o hi

MacMillan, Allan J.

Songs of Malcolm Angus Macleod

Item is an audio recording of Malcolm Angus Macleod, Skir Dhu N.S, singing a selection of Gaelic Songs.

"Tuireadh na Hiortach"
"Cha bhi mi buan..."
"Air faill irin iu..."
"Cuir dhiot an cadal..."
"Leis a' Mhaighdean"
"Bodach beag an lòinean"
"O ho ro 'ille dhuinn..."
"Am muileann dubh..."
"Dùthaich MhicLeòid"
"Mo rún, mo nighean donn bhoidheach"
"O hi ri leibh a ho..."
Twenty-third Psalm

Shaw, John