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Aithghearradh an Teagasg Chriosda agus Co-Chruinneachadh de dh’Urnaighean, Laoidhean, agus Comhairlean O Fhacal Dhe

  • G2
  • Item
  • 19-?

Item is a catechism, collection of hymns, prayers and council concerning the seven deadly sins. This was first produced by Fr. Alexander MacDonald (Maighstir Alasdair Mór). Rev. MacDonald was born in Lochaber, Scotland in 1801. He was ordained in Scotland in 1824 and after serving as parish priest in Moidart, immigrated to Cape Breton where, in 1842, he became parish priest in Mabou and Vicar General to the bishop of Arichat. D. 1865 in Mabou. Item was licenced to print by Bishop James Morrison, b. of Antigonish from 1913-1950.

Aithghearradh an Teagasg Chriosda. Agus Co-chruinneachadh de dh’Urnaighean, Laoidhean, agus Comhairlean O Fhacal Dhe

  • G3
  • Item
  • ca. 1920

Item is a catechism, collection of hymns, prayers and council concerning the seven deadly sins. This was first produced by Fr. Alexander MacDonald (Maighstir Alasdair Mór). Rev. MacDonald was born in Lochaber, Scotland in 1801. He was ordained in Scotland in 1824 and after serving as parish priest in Moidart, immigrated to Cape Breton where, in 1842, he became parish priest in Mabou and Vicar General to the bishop of Arichat. D. 1865 in Mabou. Item was licenced to print by Bishop James Morrison, b. of Antigonish from 1913-1950.

Cille Choirill Brae Lochaber

  • G173
  • Item
  • 1986

Item is a history of Cille Choirill church, record of burials and information regarding its reconstruction. There are also some information on and poems by well-known poets from the area.

Constitution and Financial Records for the Society

Item includes hand and type written revisions to the constitution of the society as well as a number of blank or partially filled-in financial record sheets published by the society. These sheets also include the names of various branches of the society throughout Cape Breton.

Conversation with Jim Charlie MacNeil

Formation of the National Council of Scottish Cath. Soc in Sydney (N.S.)
Accomplishments of the Society
A Gaelic school in the old Lyceum
A chapel donated in memory of Rev. D.M. MacAdam
Scholarships for Scottish boys to enter priesthood
The society published Mosgladh
Officers of the Scottish Cath. Society
Records of the society
Preservation of the Gaelic language
Reasons for the decline of the society
School teachers in the early days forbade parents to speak Gaelic to children
Cape Breton bards
Scottish Cath. Soc. Had annual competitions - dance, music, song
A story about Archbishop MacDonald
Father D.M. MacAdam's funeral
Tells story of and sings Vincent MacLellan's lament for Fr. MacAdam
He saw his wifes ghost
The result of controversy in a parish
Fr. Duncan - first resident priest of Big Pond
Fr Martin MacPherson...what happened when he found the church locked at Frenchvale...
Peter Smyth - the story of an eviction
Story about a widow...and a pie social

Beaton, Margaret, Sr.

Gaelic Recitation of Prayers

Hugh MacKenzie, Archie A. MacKenzie, Joseph A. Gillis, Sister Jane MacKenzie, Margaret MacKenzie recite the Rosary.

Although there was no practice for this, it was very piously recited.

Litany and Acts by the same people as above. It was good to hear the prayers in Gaelic!

Sister Jane Mackenzie speaks. "Recording of the Rosary was made possible by the courtesy of Mr.Joe Gillis, Sydney, and was recited at the home of Archie Mackenzie.

Meditations by Hugh MacKenzie (Gaelic)

Night prayers by Anthony MacKenzie of East Bay. Calls upon God's mercy and protection for the family.
If anyone should die they should wake in the arms of God.

Next prayer will be the Acts (Humility, etc.) in Gaelic by Hugh MacKenzie.

Hugh MacKenzie, Anthony MacKenzie, and Joe Gillis recite the Our Father, Hail Mary, and the Creed.

Hugh MacKenzie tells us: "You had no book, Anthony." No, he didn't - prayers said were learned at his mother's knee.

Hugh MacKenzie tells us: "This is the prayer we recited when leaving the house at night."

Anthony MacKenzie recites prayer said before retiring at night.

Hugh MacKenzie recites prayer of thanks giving.

Anthony MacKenzie recites the Act of Contrition.

Hugh MacKenzie introduces Anthony Mackenzie who will sing a Gaelic song. "This song was composed by Mrs. MacKinnon of Big Pond because the people of that area missed Father Neil MacLeod after he had been sent to Rome."

Anthony MacKenzie sings (Religious song)

Anthony MacKenzie recited "Hymn to the Holy Ghost"

Hugh MacKenzie recites the Nicene Creed, Confiteor, and continued with the Prayer before the Crucifix.

Divine Praises: De Profundis (Hugh MacKenzie)

Litany of the Guardian Angels (Hugh MacKenzie)

Anthony MacKenzie sings a lament composed by Rev. Angus MacDoald's sister in Barra, Scotland in the latter part of the 18th century. She later married a MacKinnon and settled in Rear Christmas Island.

Hugh MacKenzie says the "Anthony MacKenzie is over 80 years of age and his memory is
remarkable...The lament he just sang was learned from his mother."

MacKenzie, Hugh Francis

Gaelic Sermon : Lagh na Carrantachd

  • MG 6.27
  • Fonds
  • n.d.

Fonds consists of a Gaelic sermon - 12th Sunday after Pentecost - by an unknown author. The author talks about the definition of "neighbor" and talks about the Good Samaritan.

Gaelic Songs and Stories of Boisdale and Iona. Gaelic Prayer and Mass.

Item is an audio recording of Gaelic songs and stories collected in the Boisdale area. Recording includes a Gaelic mass and Gaelic hymns.

Steele, John - Biographical sketch

Steele, John - Story of a man buying a horse (Local)

Steel, John - Story about Loch Mor (Loon Lake)

Steele, John - Song: Eilean a' Fhraoich

Steele, John - Stories

Steele, John - A fishing story

MacIntyre, Joseph - Biographical sketch

MacIntyre, Joseph - A story about the supernatural

MacIntyre, Joseph - Tha m'Inntinn Trom 's Cha Tog Mi Fonn

MacIntyre, Joseph - Tha Mo Bhreacan-sa fo'n Dìle

MacIntyre, Joseph - Ailein Duinn Nach Till Thu'n Taobh-sa

MacIntyre, Joseph - Horo is Toigh Leam Fhìn Thu

MacIntyre, Joseph - Eilean Sgitheanach nam Buadh

MacDonald, Mrs. Marie - Biographical sketch

MacDonald, Mrs. Marie - Two funny stories

MacNeil, John Hector - Biographical sketch

MacNeil, John Hector - Recitation of Lord's Prayer in Gaelic

MacDonnell, Rev. Malcolm - Gaelic Mass televised - 1964

MacLellan, Theresa - Violin selections

MacDonald, Joseph Lawrence

Gaelic songs and stories with Jim Charles MacNeil

"Brief talk of Father Michael Gillis
Singing; this Cumhna was written by John MacKinnon, Big Pond.
True, funny stories
MacPherson story...
Father MacAdam's death...
Address to Scottish Catholic Society; first Convention - short time after Father D.M. MacAdam's death.
Song part of Cumhna composed by Vincent MacLllan; Cumhna in honor of Father D.M. MacAdam.
Duain - Halloween customs in Cape Breton
Funny stories - One about the carpenter...
Song composed for that carpenter by Mr. MacInnis; supposedly spoken by the man who hired the carpenter.
""Tell us something about Bishop Grant of Scotland and Canon MacInnis""
Reads the address given to Bishop Grant and Canon MacInnis by Father Stanley MacDonald; composed by Father S. MacDonald

Beaton, Margaret, Sr.

Isobel MacDonald fonds

  • MG 6.41
  • Fonds

Fonds consists of Gaelic hymn music composed by Isobel T. MacDonald of South Uist, Scotland The hymns are all compositions of Fr. Allan MacDonald, Eriskay.

MacPherson, Msgr. Hugh P.

  • MG 6.57
  • Fonds
  • 1930

Fonds consists of an article in Gaelic from the a regular column by Mgsr. MacPherson, Sop as Gach Séid (Miscellany). The article is tltled "Leis a Ghille Stiallach air a Shiubhal" ("By the Striped Lad on His Travels). This article concerns MacPherson's travels through Cape Breton in 1930s, accounts of bad weather, concern about not being able to hear news from the Pope and a story about Ewen "Dubh" Cameron of Locheil. The story concerning MacPherson's travels in Cape Breton appeared in Am Mosgladh Vol. 3 No. 2. but varies greatly from this manuscript.

MacPherson, Msgr. Hugh P.

Mass to the Lamb of God

Item consists of an audio recording of 2 services held Castle Bay Church, Isle of Barra, Scotland, and North Bay Church, Isle of Barra, Scotland.

Castle Bay Church: Mass to "Lamb of God"
Castle Bay Church: Sermon
Castle Bay Church: Mass: (from the "Lamb of God") - continued to the end of the Mass

North Bay Church: Mass plus a portion of the sermon. Part I.
North Bay Church: Sermon
North Bay Church: Mass and sermon (cont'd). Part II. Completion of sermon.

University of Edinburgh School of Scottish Studies

Membership Items

File contains:

  1. Invitations to National Conventions in various places.
  2. Records of payment by members collected by the treasurer.
  3. Membership cards - dated.
  4. The original constitution of 1920.
  5. Semi-anual Report of the St. Kentigern Branch, 1927.
  6. Blank membership forms.
  7. A Letter from the St. Kentigern Branch imploring Catholics of Scottish decent to support the Society.
  8. Blank sheets with the society's letterhead.
  9. Blank Certificates of enrollment in the society.

Reminiscences of Gabarus

Robert Morgan Ottawa (Ont.), Gabarus (N.S.), Rouses Point (N.S.) Interrogates Mr. Fred Reid on his early life in Gabarus (N.S.), his birthplace, his ancestors, the history of Gabarus (N.S.), etc.

Mr. Fred Reid Speaks of the Catholic Church which was there 68 years ago.

Mr. Fred Reid Discusses the different families of Gabarus (N.S.) and their Religions

Mrs. Truman Clark Asked Mr. Reid questions concerning the early settlers of Gabarus (N.S.)

Mr. Fred Reid Said that the Roy family, after leaving Scotland, changed their name to Reid.

Mr. Fred Reid The Campbell's tried to kill them in Scotland

Robert Morgan Tell us what you know about the Loyalists

Mrs. Truman Clark Mrs. Truman Clark presents map and discusses, with the others, the Land Grants

Robert Morgan Asks what is known about "Squatters Rights"?

Mr. Fred Reid Armstrong - vessell blew up and he was drowned

Mr. Fred Reid The land could be had a long time before the grants were given

Mr. Fred Reid DeOrmistons were Huguenots.

Mrs. Truman Clark How many factories were there in times?

Robert Morgan Methodist Church...

Mr. Fred Reid Was there a battery around here?

Mr. Fred Reid Asks why Gabarus (N.S.) bigger than it is now?

Mrs. Truman Clark Discussed the early people of Gabarus (N.S.)...

Mrs. Truman Clark Why did the fishermen go on strike? They went on strike because of the small price of lobster

Mrs. Truman Clark Where did you sell the lobster? They were canned and sent to Halifax (N.S.), then shipped over-seas

Mrs. Truman Clark Speaks of his work in a lobster cannery - .05 cents an hour

Mrs. Truman Clark Tell us about the politicians around here in your time...

Mrs. Truman Clark What do you know about Alex Johnson and Dr. Kendall?

Mr. Fred Reid Gives and interesting history of the Orange Hall.

Mrs. Truman Clark You were Customs Officer, weren't you, Mr. Reid?

Robert Morgan What can you tell us about the First World War?

Robert Morgan Did the Catholics speak Gaelic

Mr. Fred Reid It is often clear in Gabarus (N.S.) when it is very foggy in Louisbourg

Robert Morgan He says people want to see the shore and not fancy places through the woods

Robert Morgan Asks if there are any Mi'kmaq here

Mrs. Carita Reid Introduces herself

Robert Morgan Asks Mrs. Reid her age, and where she lives.

Mrs. Carita Reid The first Bagnell was General Bagnell who came during the war.

Mrs. Reid Gives the history of her ancestors

Mrs. Reid Gives the history of the old house on Rouses Point (N.S.)

Robert Morgan Asks about the story of the French ship...

Robert Morgan How long were you a Sunday school teacher

Robert Morgan Information on MacGillivary's, Low Point (N.S.), Newfoundland, and Cape Breton County

Robert Morgan Do you know anything about the Lobster fisheries here in Rouses Point (N.S.)?

Mrs. Carita Reid Methodist Church was built long before the Baptist Church.

Mrs. Carita Reid Were automobiles common in the early days?

Mrs. Carita Reid Graveyards...

Mrs. Carita Reid Do you know anything about the Mi'kmaq in the early days?

Rev. Duncan Joseph Rankin

  • MG 6.32
  • Fonds
  • 1911

Fonds consists of:
The 1920 petition by M.R. MacLeod to allow Gaelic to be taught in public schools.
A letter to the editor of the Casket urging readers to speak Gaelic to their children in the home.
Various writings in Gaelic, including a story attributed to Joe "Eòs a'Ghobha" MacNeil of Christmas Island, a story about a humorous trip for Boisdale to Christmas Island and a congratulatory speech for the 50th anniversary of Johnny A. and Peggy MacKinnon of Rear Iona.

Rev. John Hugh MacEachen

  • MG 6.67
  • Fonds
  • 1982

Fonds consists of a Gaelic song (with English translation) composed by Father MacEachen on the occasion of the 125th anniversary of St. Margaret's Parish, Broad Cove.