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Steel and Steelworkers

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Steel and Steelworkers

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Steel and Steelworkers

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"Greetings from Whitney Pier"

  • 87-513-17043
  • Item
  • ca. 1930

Item is a postcard sending greetings from Cape Breton's steel mecca, Whitney Pier.

1923 Steel Srike

  • 89-504-18699
  • Item
  • ca. 1923

Item is a photograph of the members of the Royal 22 Regiment patrolling the plant grounds during the Steel Strike of 1923.

1923 Steel Strike

  • 89-505-18700
  • Item
  • ca. 1923

Item is a photograph of army troops patrolling the steel plant during the Steel Strike of 1923.

Angus J. MacDonald, Big Glen, N.S

Biographical Sketch
Genealogy of the Loch Lomond MacDonald'
Farming in the early days
Dominion Coal Company cut lumber at Silver Mine
Describes the operation, log bridge built across the river
The log drive to the sawmill...
Describes the process of hauling logs to the river
Logs provided lumber for company houses
Started school at age of 10
His first teacher, Jessie Morrison
Far from school, boarded with his aunt...
Describes the school, how it was heated, the discipline
Left school after grade 5
Started working at the Steel Plant, 1926
During Depression, little work - plant worked 2 days a week
Women were hired during the War (WW II)
Work on the farm - what the women did - the day's routine

Food - fish, how it was preserved
Making farm implement
Hay making in the early days
Dairy proucts - keeping milk cold
The arrival of cream separators, their care
His father was postmaster, 1912
Carried mail to Salmon River, $1 a trip
Discusses operation of the post office & mail route
First post office at Loch Lomond
News papers - Sydney (N.S.) Weekly Post, Family Herald
Wages at the Steel Plants after the War
Describes work at the Plant
United Steel Workers Union didn't get started until after 1941
The Plant Council...
Life on the farm - kerosene lamps, wood stoves...
Water from the well - never frozen because of its depth
When the mine started, the well went dry
No social activities in his youth
Church history - lay preachers in the earliest times
Present church built in 1910
United Church at Loch Lomond opened 1929
The first ministers...
Dissension and division over the union
Choir made up of older people
Prayer meetings held in school once a week
Gaelic the only language spoken at home; few could repeat it
His thoughts on Gaelic Today
He and all his brothers & sisters, born at home, delivered by a midwife, Peggy Currie
Never felt that his likfe lacked anything
Discusses food on the farm; potatoes & turnip the only vegetables
Implements manufactured in the forge
Four blacksmiths in the area, he gives their names; none today
Names 3 merchants that were in the area at the time
Pioneer craftes, processing wool
Describes his trip to North Uist, his search for information on Malcolm "The Carpnter"
Describes the Presbyterian Church in Scotland, his impression
Describes a Gaelic service he attended
Sunday laws stricty bserved there
Some more genealogy
His mother's weaving - she was self taught
Mary MacLean whom he visited in Scotland
Reads in Gaelic

Macdonald, Wilma J.

Annie MacLean - Gaelic Songs

Item consists of an audio recording of Annie (Mrs. J.P) MacLean of Rear Christmas Island, (N.S) singing a number of Gaelic songs. Recorded by Sister Margaret Beaton and Hilda Day.

Mrs. J.P. MacLean, Christmas Island (Rear):

"Mise tha fo Mhulad air Tulaich gun Uaill" Song about a difficult winter composed by Catriona MacNeil (Catrìona Iain Ruaidh).

"Why did she compose this song?" She had to do so many difficult tasks in the winter.

Song about finding a rich man to marry; composed by Catherine MacNeil (Catrìona Iain Ruaidh).

Stories about Catrìona Bean Ruaidh. She lived further inland than Jack Pheadair (informant's husband)'s uncle, Ruairidh Chaluim Ghobha MacLean. Ruairidh lived at the foot of Eskasoni Mountain where Rory S. MacNeil lives.

Forerunner portending the death of the bard.

Bard's father was married to Christie Alasdair Chaluim Ghobha "The Big Widow".

Song about working at the the Steel plant in North Sydney by Archie "Larry" Gillis, originally from Rear Beaver Cove.

Day, Hilda

Blast Furnace Crew

  • 91-602-22563
  • Item
  • 1900

Item is a photograph of the crew stopping for a picture as they are manning one of the blast furnaces in the Sydney steel plant.

Coke Pile

  • 87-92-16622
  • Item
  • ca. 1960

Item is a photograph of trucks moving atop a coke pile near the steel plant.


  • 91-610-22571
  • Item
  • ca. 1912

Item is a photograph of builders at work, constructing one of the buildings at the steel plant.

Construction Workers

  • 84-514-14614
  • Item
  • ca. 1920

Item is a photograph of men stopping for a portrait while at work constructing the coal wash plant. Photograph taken by G.H. Woodhill.

Construction of the Coal Wash Plant

  • 84-512-14612
  • Item
  • ca. 1920

Item is a photograph of the coal wash plant as it was being constructed. Photograph taken by G.H. Woodhill.

DOSCO Employees

  • 90-460-19892a
  • Item
  • 1930

Item is a photograph of DOSCO steelworkers in 1930.

DOSCO Forge Workers

  • 93-211-24185
  • Item
  • ca. 1944

Item is a group photograph of men who worked in the forge.

Interview with Annabelle MacKinnon

Item is an audio recording of an interview with Annabelle Mackinnon (nee Gillis) of Gillis' Lake.

MacKinnon, Mrs. Annabelle (Prime Brook) A Story of Life in Pioneer Days Agriculture (Part 1)

MacKinnon, Mrs. Annabelle Lumbering to bsupply spars for sailing ships

MacKinnon, Mrs. Annabelle Grist Mills

MacKinnon, Mrs. Annabelle Dye Mills

MacKinnon, Mrs. Annabelle Farming - livestock & crops

MacKinnon, Mrs. Annabelle Planting potatoes in burnt woods

MacKinnon, Mrs. Annabelle Wool industries - sheep shearing

MacKinnon, Mrs. Annabelle French women grew flax

MacKinnon, Mrs. Annabelle How leather was tanned & its uses

MacKinnon, Mrs. Annabelle A story of Father's MacLeod's boots

MacKinnon, Mrs. Annabelle Col. Granger & the Copper mine

MacKinnon, Mrs. Annabelle Gaelic speakers & religious education

MacKinnon, Mrs. Annabelle Clothing in the pioneer days

MacKinnon, Mrs. Annabelle Improvement of crops with coming of commercial fertilizer.

MacKinnon, Mrs. Annabelle Story of an agricultural meeting ...

MacKinnon, Mrs. Annabelle Dairy products - wooden tubs & butter prints

MacKinnon, Mrs. Annabelle The beginning of Co-operatives

MacKinnon, Mrs. Annabelle Farming conditions improved with the start of the Steel Plant

MacKinnon, Mrs. Annabelle Barn-raising frolics

MacKinnon, Mrs. Annabelle Mary Bevin, a nurse from Man-o-War, delivered babies in Boulardrie area

MacKinnon, Mrs. Annabelle Fishing schooners- Fox Island

MacKinnon, Mrs. Annabelle Travelling to dances by Ferry

MacKinnon, Mrs. Annabelle Fishing lobster through the ice

MacKinnon, Mrs. Annabelle Root cellars - how produce was stored

MacKinnon, Mrs. Annabelle The making of soft soap

MacKinnon, Mrs. Annabelle Life in the Pioneer Days (cont.) / Priests in Boularderie

MacKinnon, Mrs. Annabelle A farm purchased (200 acres) for $750

MacKinnon, Mrs. Annabelle Genealogy of Iain Mor, Boisdale

MacKinnon, Mrs. Annabelle Clearing the land - stump fences

MacKinnon, Mrs. Annabelle Grist Mill at Malloney's Creek

MacKinnon, Mrs. Annabelle Harvesting wheat - threshing and winnowing

MacKinnon, Mrs. Annabelle Barley and grinding barley meal

MacKinnon, Mrs. Annabelle How to make cheese

MacKinnon, Mrs. Annabelle Preserving butter

MacKinnon, Mrs. Annabelle Women's role in the early days

MacKinnon, Mrs. Annabelle Shearing sheep...

MacKinnon, Mrs. Annabelle Processing wool - carding mills

MacKinnon, Mrs. Annabelle Pioneer handicrafts with wool

MacKinnon, Mrs. Annabelle Ceilidhs

MacKinnon, Mrs. Annabelle Transportation - travelled Big Pond to Boularderie by ice in winter, boats in summer

MacKinnon, Mrs. Annabelle Potato crops - the coming of blight & potato bugs

MacKinnon, Mrs. Annabelle How leather was tanned

MacKinnon, Mrs. Annabelle Mi'kmaw crafts

MacKinnon, Mrs. Annabelle Sea weed and its uses

MacKinnon, Mrs. Annabelle The Government & Sir John A. MacDonald- economic conditions

MacKinnon, Mrs. Annabelle Pensions in today's society

MacKinnon, Blaine

Joe Neil MacNeil and Jim Francis MacNeil

Joe Neil MacNeil Big Pond (N.S.)
Gaelic music - fidle music always most plentiful
Some tunes played on both fiddle & bagpipes - all tunes id not suit both
Names of tunes especially for pipes - 2/4 marches & reels
Why some tunes are more diffcult to play on pipes
Some pipe tunes not suitable for fiddle
Today's tunes don't have the Gaelic flavour
Discusses tunes with Gaelic names & puirt-a-beul
Jim Francis MacNeil Sydney (N.S.)
"Thig dhiot an cadal 's tionndaidh rium"
"Ho ro mo chuideachd thu"
Discusses his work at the Steel Plant - (similar to T-2054)

Macdonald, Norman

Steel City Baseball

  • 89-409-18604
  • Item
  • ca. 1940

Item is a photograph of the Steel City baseball team and its managers.

Steel Industry Panel

  • 76-82
  • Item
  • 1957 - 1958

Item is a photograph of the following individuals seated at a table: Clifford Murray (Works Manager DOSCO), Martin Merner, Joe Legge (Asst. Safety Superintendent DOSCO) and an unknown man. The occasion was, possibly, a panel discussion on industrial safety.

Steel Union Executive Officers Local 1064

  • 76-80
  • Item
  • 1954

Item is a photograph of the Steel Union 1064 Executive Officers.

Back row: Martin Merner, E.P. Pledge, Charles Wall, and Bill Mackinnon.
Front row: Clarence MacInnis, Dan MacKay, Ben O'Neil (president), James Nicholson (Director District 5).

Steel Union Executive Officers Local 1064

  • 76-81
  • Item
  • 1956

Item is a photograph of the Local 1064 Executive Officers.

Back row: Donald Steele, William Reid, Lawrence MacIsaac.
Front row: Charles Wall, Martin Merner, Dan MacKay, Clarance MacInnes.

Steel Union Executive Officers Local 1064

  • 76-79
  • Item
  • 1950

Item is a photograph of the Steel Union Executive Officers 1064.

Back row: Walter Codiac, Ben O'Neil, E.P. Pledge, Martin Merner.
Front row: James Nicholson (#5 Dist. Director), M.E. Corbett (President), Dan MacKay (Vice President).

Steel Union Executive Officers Local 1064

  • 76-83
  • Item
  • ca. 1964

Item is a photograph of Steel Union Executive Officers, Local 1064. The occasion is unknown.

From left to right: Jack Coleman, Charles Crowe, George MacNeil, Art MacGillivray, Martin Merner.

Stephen Rory MacNeil and Jim Francis Macneil

Stephen Rory MacNeil Iona The Co-operative Moment in Iona
Dr. Coady taught them how to start & operative Co-operatives
The Iona Co-operative, its beginning
Difficulty during the depression
Credit Union started first - small deposits
First co-op failed
It was difficult to get the Credit Union organized first payment 10 cents
Benefits of the Credit Union
Second Iona Co-op got along well
Depression - no money - $1 a day would make them rich
Farmers had plenty food but no way of earning money for taxes, etc.
Jim Francis MacNeil Sydney (N.S.) "Thig dhiot an cada; 's tionndaidh rium"
"Ho ro mo chuid chuideach thu..."
An Te a'Chaill a'Ghaidhlig"
Started working in the Steel Plant at age of 20
His job at the plant - drilling rails
Describes the rail-making process
5,000 working for Dosco when he started
Where rails are shipped
Reasons for starting the plant in Sydney (N.S.)

Macdonald, Norman

Sydney Steel Plant -1923 Strike

  • 89-517-18712
  • Item
  • ca. 1923

Item is a photograph showing workers at the Steel Plant in the summer of 1923.

Sydney Steel Plant Strike

  • 89-510-18705
  • Item
  • ca. 1923

Item is a photograph of the Sydney Steel Plant Strike in 1923.

View from Moxham Castle

  • 81-416-5496
  • Item
  • ca. 1905

Item is a photograph showing Sydney Harbour and the steel plant as seen from the front lawn of Moxham Castle. The Moxham Castle was owned and built by steel magnate A.J. Moxham.