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Brown Brothers of Washabuck

Item is a videocassette recording of The Brown Brothers of Washabuck, Cape Breton, produced in December 1987 and edited by Lisa Morrison, Audio/Visual Department, UCCB. Directed by Maxie MacNeil, Hector MacKenzie, and Michael Anthony MacLean.

Family History (2:20)
Caledonia Song
Hoodlum Song (3:41)
Grandmother Story (7:32)
Song from the Old Homestead (9:19)
Vince MacLean’s Story (14:41)
Bordon Song (16:55)
Bear Dance (18:17)
Imitations (21:25)
Michael and the Fiddle (22:13)
New Year’s Story (Tody)
Flora’s Story
Home Movie – Michael humming “Duddledum”
No Sir No
Cod Liver Oil
Yon Munroe
Michael Anthony’s Story
Wedding Song
Sister’s Story
Kay MacLean’s Story
Michael Imitating Bagpipes
Dr. and the Bear
Gaelic Song
Hector’s Story
Malcolm MacDonald
Ending Collage

Narrator: Hector MacKenzie

Photographs and home movies in order of appearance:

Dan Brown, Michael Brown, Dan Rory (Murdock) MacNeil

Rory D. MacNeil, Joan MacNeil, Dan Angus MacNeil

Hughie MacLeod, Angus MacDonald

Jackie (Fownes) MacDonald, Michael Brown

Maxie MacNeil, Vince MacLean, Michael A. MacLean, Hector MacKenzie, Flora Canning

Upper Washabuck School located near Angus Ranald MacDonald. (“Big” Liza Campbell – Teacher. Two Browns on extreme right of picture – Michael and Dan.)

Store at Washabuck Bridge with potential local customers and teamsters.

Maxie MacNeil, Hector MacKenzie, Kay MacLean, Annie (Sister) MacLean, Flora Canning, Gordon MacLean (Guitar), Sniffer (dog), Simon MacKenzie

John Dan MacKenzie – store owner at Washabuck Bridge and Eddie MacLean (on right)

Kathleen MacLean, Rita MacDougall

Johnnie Brown, Michael Brown

Square set people:

Leonard MacKenzie, Jeanette MacKenzie, Lawrence MacDougall – Fiddler, Cassie MacKenzie, Florence MacKenzie, Aggie and Neil F. MacLennan, Eugene MacIsaac, Joe (Red Rory) MacLean – Prompter, Michael A. MacLean, Malcolm MacDonald, Michael Brown, Jean MacKenzie, Lexina Fraser

Mary C. MacDonald, Michael Brown, Dan Brown, Lexina Fraser

Dan Brown, Michael Brown, Alex Murphy

Cheryl MacDonald, Wanda MacDonald, Mary Ann MacKenzie, Dan Brown

Michael Brown, Jackie MacDonald, Rosemary MacKinnon, Dan Brown, Mary C. MacKinnon, Andy MacDonald

Wedding party at Highland Hill: Maxie and Joan MacNeil – Bride and groom, Michael (S.R.) MacNeil – Fiddler, Kammie (S.R.) MacNeil – Guitar, Annie Jane MacNeil – Dancer, Patricia MacNeil, Diane MacNeil, Capt. Angus MacNeil, John Rory MacNeil, Lex MacNeil, Dan Malcolm MacKinnon, Peggy (Dan Joe) MacNeil, Unknown female, Dan Brown, Unknown female

Michael Brown, Rose MacKenzie, Lex Fraser, Jean MacKenzie, Kathleen MacDonald, Michael A. MacLean, Duncan MacDonald, Mary C. MacDonald, Front: Michael MacDonald, Michael Brown, Dan Brown

Greg MacNeil (Bear), Arnold MacNeil (Doctor)

Dan Brown, Jean MacKenzie, Michael Brown

Wedding at Upper Washabuck: Dan Alex and Martha MacKinnon, with neighbours and friends

In horse and wagon – Big Neil MacKinnon, Kitty (Charlie Dan Angus) MacNeil

Conversations with Ronald MacDonald, Mrs. O'Handley & Mabel Beaton

MacDonald, Joseph L. Boisdale (N.S.) Early school days in Boisdale
MacDonald, Joseph L. Boisdale (N.S.) Early school days in Boisdale
Beaton, Mabel Baddeck (N.S.) Brief biographical sketch
Beaton, Mabel Baddeck (N.S.) Early school days in Baddeck (N.S.)
Beaton, Mabel Baddeck (N.S.) What were teaching conditions in early days?
MacDonald, Joseph L. Boisdale (N.S.) Leitches Creek schools
MacDonald, Joseph L. Boisdale (N.S.) Description of old school at Barrachois
O'Handley, Mrs. Sydney (N.S.) Biographical sketch
O'Handley, Mrs. Sydney (N.S.) Gaelic song
MacDonald, Ronald Boisdale (N.S.) Washabuct school history
MacDonald, Ronald Boisdale (N.S.) Gillis Point school
MacDonald, Ronald Boisdale (N.S.) Barra Glen school
MacDonald, Ronald Boisdale (N.S.) History of Iona school
MacDonald, Ronald Boisdale (N.S.) Early post office in Iona
MacDonald, Joseph L. Boisdale (N.S.) Barrachois School

MacDonald, Joseph Lawrence

Early Days in Washabuck

Item is an audio recording of Hugh F. Mackenzie, Alex Maclean, and Joseph A. Gillis discussing the early days of Washabuck N.S.

Drowning of Peter MacLean in 1827. (Alex MacLean) (Story--Ghost)
"Mr. MacLean, tell us about the early days of your ancestors in this country." (Hugh MacKenzie) (History)
Washabuck ghost story - same as earlier but more detailed. (Alex MacLean)
"I was told a story about a boat built in Washabuck..."(1868) The boat sailed from Baddeck, 1868, and disappeared-the "Alexander" (Alex MacLean)
Hugh F. MacKenzie recites poetry - lament composed for the crew of the above mentioned schooner.
"Cornmeal and molasses" - story referring to Scottish immigration. (Alex MacLean)

Song - "Thainig mi...gu ann taigh Gilleasbuig Ruaraidh..." Eadar bha ho-annan (Unidentified singers)
Song - "Hinn ho hog a ro..." (Unidentified singers)

MacKenzie, Hugh Francis

Holy Rosary Church

  • 94-1209-25724
  • Item
  • 1994

Item is a front view photograph of Holy Rosary Catholic Church in Washabuck, Cape Breton.

James "Jim Hughie" MacNeil fonds

  • MG 6.37
  • Fonds
  • 1936-1955

Fonds consists of:

  • papers including correspondence with D.D. MacFarlane, Joseph D. MacKinnon and Fr. Angus MacNeil pertaining to MacNeil, MacSween and MacFarlane genealogies and to Gaelic songs
  • list of members of the Caledonian Society, Sydney
  • story entitled "Stephen the Spendthrift"
  • passport photo of Mr. MacNeil [#79-1192-4172]

Washabuck Cemetery

  • 94-1210-25725
  • Item
  • 1994

Item is a photograph of a statue of Jesus on the cross in Washabuck Cemetery, Cape Breton.

Washabuck History and Genealogy

Item is an audio recording of interviews with Carl MacKenzie, Charlie MacKenzie, Malcolm MacDonald and Josie Maclean of Washabuck, N.S.

Carl MacKenzie:

His grandfather, Charles "Framer" MacKenzie came from Kintyle, Scotland, first to Margaree, then to Washabuct

Talk about his musical background and family

There is a Washabuct fiddle style

His violin style influenced by Scotty Fitzgerald and Budy MacMaster

Talks about the good old-fashoined home parties

Charlie MacKenzie:

Recites two poems he composed

Talks about his mother washing clothes in the brook years ago

Recites another poem, "Blackbirds", also his own composition

tells of his mother singing Gaelic songs while she worked, spinning etc.

Malcolm MacDonald:

Talks about the old farms, now closed, how hard the pioneers worked

The house ceilidhs; fishing in the area

The store in Washabuct at one time

The Bard MacLean

"Lazy Stick" - a game they played

The browns - tricks people would play on them

Josie MacLean:

The one-room school she attended Formation of the Home & School Association

Joe MacLean :

Talks about Lauchlin MacLean - he arrived from Barra in 1817 - his family

Laughlin MacLean died at the age of 114

Other pioneer familes

Snow storms in previous years

Early mail service - by boat to Baddeck, also by hourse & buggy

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