Cape Breton's Enduring Musical Legacy: Four Women of Influence

Cape Breton's Enduring Musical Legacy: Four Women of Influence was developed to recognize the key roles of women in keeping Cape Breton's rich and diverse musical tradition alive. Their remarkable musical leadership went hand in hand with leadership in their communities. This project page will provide access to descriptions for a selection of materials relating to these creators, performers, and champions of music and art in their respective communities.

To browse through a selection of archival descriptions that feature these incredible individuals, click here.

Curriculum guides have been developed by Dr. Eric Favaro and Brenda Porter that explore four themes – women as master musicians, women as preservers of heritage, woman as community leaders, and women and adversity are highlighted in the suggested learning activities. Each guide is available by following the links below.

Rita Joe, Gentle Warrior [PDF]

Sr. Rita Clare, Master Choral Music Leader [PDF]

Lucy Doucet, Acadian Singer and Preserver of a Musical Heritage [PDF]

Margaret MacPhee, Champion of Cape Breton Scotch Music [PDF]

Please note for Nova Scotia teachers and educators: the project files can be easily accessed through Google Drive via:

This project is a component of the Global Musics - Local Connections public outreach and research-creation program, funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada - an initiative of Dr. Marcia Ostashewski, and the Centre for Sound Communities at Cape Breton University.

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