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East Bay (N.S.)

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East Bay (N.S.)

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Bishop James Morrison

  • 77-901-1035
  • Item
  • ca. 1942

Item is a photograph of Father MacCormick, an unidentified priest, and Bishop James Morrison standing in front of St. Mary's Church, East Bay.

CHER Radio Failte 's Furan

MacLean, Joe (Sydney N.S) - Violin selections

Fitzgerald, Winston (Sydney, N.S) - Violin selections

MacEachern, Donald (Sydney, N.S) - Description of wood-chopping frolics at East Bay - tells a good story in Gaelic

Hashem, Lila (Sydney, N.S) - Piano selections

MacNeil, J.C. (Sydney, N.S) - Gaelic song

Cameron, John Allan (Mabou, N.S) - Guitar selection

Ceilidh at MacAdam's Lake (MacAdam's Lake, N.S) - Bonnie Lass of Bonnacord

Cameron, Mae (Sydney, N.S) - Eilean mo Chridhe

Red Hackle Pipe Band (Scotland) - Bagpipe selections

LeBlanc, Paddy (Sydney, N.S) - Violin selections

MacEachern, Donald (Grand Mira, N.S) - Story of a ship built at East Bay by Donald Og and his brother

Gillis, Lauchie (Antigonish, N.S) - A' chuthag

Gillis, Wilfred (Scotland) - Violin selections

Ross, Calum (Scotland) - Far am bidh mi fhin

Gillis, Wilfred (Antigonish, N.S) - Violin selections

MacLean, Joe (Sydney, N.S) - Violin selections

CHER Radio

Currie, John

  • MG 6.40
  • Fonds

Fonds consists of a lament, in Gaelic, written on the death of his wife, with translation into English.

Early history of young people of Big Pond

  • T-6
  • Item
  • 1963

File consists of an audio recording of an oral history of early Scottish settlers in the Big Pond area; mentions Mi'kmaq in the East Bay area.

What were the Bras D'or Mission?
Early history of the MacIntytres of Big Pond (N.S.)
The Church of East Bay
Who was Malcolm MacLellan?
What do you know about the MacLeods who were among MacLellan's students?
Why was the East Bay school Started? East Bay school started in 1825...
What men were prepared for the Seminary?
What about the Industries of early Cape Breton?
The schools in Big Pond (N.S.) were attended by sixty pupils in 1862.
From Big Pond (N.S.) they came to Sydney (N.S.) Academy for grade ten.
Was East Bay the first parish
Briefly discuss Parish activities?
Tell us about the Protestant settlers...
How did the four Seminarians travel to Rome?
Was there much traffic on the Bras D'or Lakes in those days?
Would you care to speak about the Mi'kmaq?
Where did the early people get the animals - horses, cows, sheep, etc.
What about food - ammunition?
Ceilidh in those days was most enjoyable...
What do you believe of the Bocain
Do you remember any of the remedies early settlers used

East Bay, Cape Breton: People and Priests

  • FC 2349 E2 M5
  • Item
  • April 1966

Item is a thesis titled "East Bay, Cape Breton: People and Priests," written by John V. MacKenzie. The thesis describes the background and history of East Bay and its early settlers.

Father Neil MacLeod

  • 77-148-282
  • Item
  • ca. 1890

Item is a photograph of Reverend Neil MacLeod, the first pastor in East Bay, Cape Breton.

Fr. Michael MacKenzie

  • 77-1153-1287
  • Item
  • 20th century

Item is a photograph of Fr. Michael MacKenzie, parish pastor at East Bay.

Fr. Neil MacLeod

  • 77-1154-1288
  • Item
  • 20th century

Item is a photograph of Fr. Neil MacLeod, parish priest at East Bay.

Gaelic Prayers and Hymns

Hymn to the Holy Spirit
Great Loss to the country - early history is forgotten
Prayers in Gaelic: Evening prayer, Morning prayer, Acts.
Litany of the Departed
Story of the August Gale
Another story about people saved through prayer - Sailors safe return (Big Pond)
Litany of the Blessed Virgin

MacKenzie, Anthony

History and Folklore of East Bay, N.S

Item is an audio recording at Boisdale N.S. Joseph Lawrence Macdonald, Sarah Cameron, Miss Janet Cameron, Angus Beaton, Finlay Cameron tell discuss lore, history and sing songs.

MacDonald, Joseph L. - Frolics in the home, different types

MacDonald, Joseph L. - Shearing of sheep, processing of wool, milling frolics

MacDonald, Joseph L. - Duties of women

MacDonald, Joseph L. - Grist mill at MacAdam`s Lake, operated by Mr. MacLean

MacDonald, Joseph L. - Best carpenters of the times, MacEacherns, MacDonalds and others

MacDonald, Joseph L. - Three steamships operated out of East Bay, groceries had to be brought in from Halifax, hardwood shipped to England

MacDonald, Joseph L. - Scottish Catholic Society of Canada organized by Father M.A. MacAdam

MacDonald, Joseph L. - Cape Breton Island Co-op. Society was organized at East Bay, 1932

MacDonald, Joseph L. - Mineral spring at East Bay

MacDonald, Joseph L. - Excerpts from Mary L. Frasers book,Folklore of Nova Scotia`.

MacDonald, Joseph L. - East Bay Pirates - Capt. Alex and Dan MacLean. MacLeans sailed the Pacific Ocean (1880-1914) on the sea wolf.

MacDonald, Joseph L. - Primary concern of settlers was the making of a home. Coal mines and steel plant took men from farms to cities and towns.

MacDonald, Joseph L. - Early settlers of Christmas Island (N.S.)

MacDonald, Joseph L. - What were living conditions like

MacDonald, Joseph L. - Tell about the August Gale

MacDonald, Joseph L. - Story of Peter MacNeil

MacDonald, Joseph L. - Story of Malcolm MacPhee

Cameron, Sarah - Biographical sketch

Cameron, Miss Janet - Biographical sketch

Beaton, Angus - Song: O hi ri ill o robha

Cameron, Finlay - Song: Air faill irinn ill irinn oich irinn iu

Beaton, Alexander - Song: O sud an taobh a'gabhainn

Cameron, Sarah - Song: An Te Ruadh

Cameron, Finlay - Song: Tha mi'n diugh gu tinn

Beaton, Angus D. - Song, a lament

MacDonald, Joseph Lawrence

Joe Lawrence MacDonald: Newspaper Clippings

Item is an audio recording of Joseph Lawrence MacDonald reading a series of newspaper clippings. Recording includes Gaelic songs from Tena Macneil, East Bay.

Joe Lawrence MacDonald

Nazi Warfare
"Caribou" survivor - premonition of disaster
Mountain Cross keeper's story
Rev. Charles Murphy
Christmas Island
Firsts in Cape Breton
Scottish piper plays lament for Texas flier
Scottish piper plays lament for Texas flier
Cape Breton Highlanders in action
Cape Breton Highlanders welcomed home

Mrs. Tena Morrison

Biographical sketch
Mo Chridhe Trom
Gaelic song

MacDonald, Joseph Lawrence

Rented Bungalow for 2 Weeks

Item is a photograph of Paruch and Redmond families at a bungalow. Pictured left to right: Stella Paruch, Richard Paruch, Annie Tynski Redmond, Brian Redmond, and Johnny Paruch.

St. Mary's Church, East Bay

  • 77-822-956
  • Item
  • ca. 1930

Item is a photograph of St. Mary's Church, East Bay, and Father Michael MacCormick, 1918-1961.

St. Mary's Glebe, East Bay

  • 78-11-1761
  • Item
  • ca. 1905

Item is a postcard featuring a photograph of St. Mary's glebe with a priest and a man standing in front of it.

Summer Cottage Rental

Item is a photograph of the Redmond family and Paruch family at a summer cottage. Pictured left to right: Richard Paruch, Johnny Paruch, Noreen Redmond, Annie Tynski Redmond, Jimmie Redmond, and Johnny Paruch.

Suspension Bridge, East Bay

  • 77-917-1051
  • Item
  • 1958

Item is a photograph of seven men standing on the narrow suspension bridge in East Bay.